Straight people share the moment they realised they weren’t gay

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Straight people have shared the moment that they realised they weren’t gay.

In an AskReddit thread, heterosexual people shared their take on their “coming out” stories.

A majority of people explained that for them, identifying in the LGBTQ+ realm was more normalised because they had same-sex parents growing up.

One person explained that she had to “come out” to her two mothers as a heterosexual.

She said: “I used to think I might end up being gay. 13 hit and I found myself looking at and thinking about boys. This was when I knew I was straight and had to “come out” to my parents.

“They used to joke about me having to come out that when I was younger but when I started dating I just brought home my boyfriend and introduced him to them. I think if I had been gay, I could have done the same thing. I think I’m just lucky to not have to worry about any of that.”

Others explained that they were surrounded by “gay culture” growing up and that their family had assumed they were gay.

“Four years ago before a pride event when my mum asked me if I were gay,” one person explained. “Given the fact I used to hang out at gay clubs with my close gay friends from time to time, it wasn’t an entirely unreasonable question.”

Somebody else explained that they had a strict religious upbringing and after finding themselves in a dysfunctional relationship they questioned what their true sexuality was.

“Honestly, I had wondered for awhile (if they were gay). Was in a rough marriage, not quite sexless but close, and that was on my end (male).

“I had a pretty religious upbringing, so I had considered that maybe I was repressing it. It wasn’t that I was ATTRACTED to guys, just didn’t seem to be attracted to my wife, and other women didn’t really turn my head either.

“Three weeks after I left my wife, I was with a female friend, we’d been getting closer, and that night we hooked up (dated later).

“After that night, I realized all my issues were with being not attracted to my wife, and yet loyal enough to her I wouldn’t consider straying. Most definitely into girls,” they said.

One person accidentally and unintentionally “came out” as a lesbian to her grandmother, even though she wasn’t.

“A friend of mine blossomed late and wasn’t interested in dating at all. When she was in her late teens, her grandmother asked her if she was interested in boys. She replied “Not really”, and her grandma said, “Oh, so you’re one of THOSE kinds of girls?”

“My friend, being naive, thought that meant someone not interested in dating, agreed.

“Several years later, she brought her first boyfriend home, and the family was shocked because they all thought she was a lesbian based on the conversation she’d had with her grandmother,” they explained.

Most people agreed that they never “chose” to be straight, just as LGBTQ+ people don’t choose their sexuality or gender.

“I never chose to be straight,” someone summed up. “I just am.”