‘Transparent’ creates stunning jewellery collection with Catbird

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Transparent jewellery collection


The creators of the award-winning TV show Transparent have teamed up with a boutique jewellery line to launch a collection of jewellery that supports trans rights.

In collaboration with Catbird, the Brooklyn-based jewellery boutique, the show has created a stunning collection of rings and necklaces —with 50% of the proceeds going to National Center for Transgender Equality (NCTE).

As the new season of the show premieres in the US, the timely release of the collection offers a beautiful celebration of trans identities in an iconic fashion.

The keynote pieces include rings in both sterling silver and 14-karat gold that retail for $240 (£177), and a necklace made of sapphires that sells for $560 (£413).

“We love Transparent for its tender and wry portrait of an American family, and commitment to transgender and non-binary storytelling. Also, it makes us laugh. A lot,” says the jeweller.

“Designed with the Transparent team, we married our signature silhouettes with recognizable icons of the transgender movement – Catbird classics, made for all to wear.  A gentle arc of five sapphires, in a color scheme to echo the Transgender Pride Flag, is set on a long gold chain with our signature adjuster to fit necks long, short, and everything in-between,” they added.

“At Transparent, we are proud to be trans,” said the show’s writer, Jill Soloway, to Vogue.

“These pieces are subtle and empowering works of art incorporating trans symbology. Wearing them will be a wonderful indicator of allyship and solidarity.”

“When you are choosing to spend your money on something that you want but you don’t need, and it’s with us, we want you to know that you have put your resources into a place that is built on kindness and community,” said Catbird’s creative director Leigh Batnick Plessner.

Soloway, who poses in some items from the collection, identifies as non-binary and gender non-conforming.

The landmark show that follows the journey of a transgender retired college professor has entered its fourth series, which is being aired on Amazon Prime.

Although the protagonist, Jeffrey Tambor, is cisgender, the show has garnered critical acclaim for its progressive plot and employment of trans people in the making of the show.