Bianca Del Rio says she wants Donald Trump to ‘do us all a favour’ and die

Bianca Del Rio 2017

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Drag Race winner and self-titled “clown in a gown” Bianca Del Rio talks to PinkNews about Trump, Australia, and her new tour.

Fan favourite Del Rio smashed her way to victory on season six of Drag Race using her trademark wit and scathing humour.

She’s now taking that talent on an international tour – her third, no less – with her new show, Blame It on Bianca Del Rio.

If you’re lucky enough to get tickets for her tour, Del Rio had some words of advice on what to expect: “I always say expect the unexpected because it’s a loosely based script that I deal with but it changes every night.”

And she isn’t shy of saying the unexpected when it comes to the biggest reality star in America, President Trump.

She insists she doesn’t follow the obvious script of mocking the President: “I try not to get too political because you never know who is out there watching the show. There might be a gay republican who thinks Trump is lovely which is absurd, but if that happens, it happens.

“I make fun of the visual. His look, his hair and how he’s an idiot but I try not to get too political but it’s sad because really there are no jokes.”

But then the unexpected.

“He would do us all a favour if he just died,” she blasts.

“Not to wish death on anyone, and not like a heart attack because then he might be revived, but kidney failure would be great.”

Bianca Del Rio 2014

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She continues: “The truth is really what is hysterical and the fact that he is president, it’s kind of nuts. It shows you everything can happen in America.

“We have the Kardashians and we have Trump, that’s really sad. Useless people in power. Useless.”

Del Rio wasn’t done – addressing the commentator who recently insinuated that Houston’s lesbian mayor was a more credible cause of Hurricane Harvey than climate change.

The drag star said: “Do you know who Ann Coulter is? She’s a douche. She needs to do better in this world.

“I don’t follow her but I’ve seen some of the things she has said and it’s absolutely insane.”

Del Rio even extended her put-downs to the British Prime Minister, saying: “I think Theresa May needs to do better, isn’t she an asshole too?

“We have Trump and you have Theresa so yeah they both need to do a lot better by just not being in charge.”

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Bianca Del Rio

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While the world around seems to be in turmoil, her own life has come to have a somewhat unique problem: forever being recognised.

“I’m at airports constantly and what’s fascinating is to find out people who watch RuPaul’s Drag Race or know who you are,” she tells PinkNews.

“You worry when they’re going through your bags and you’re like oh god shit what do I have in that bag that I’ll have to explain.”

She continued: “With drag race 80% of the show we’re out of drag so people identify with who you are as a person. So it’s interesting to see who recognises you.

“Even last night I was at Primark and I ran into two guys who wanted to take a photo and I was like ok, here we go, photo shoot at Primark!”

In between tours, Bianca Del Rio managed to find the time last year to star in ‘Hurricane Bianca’, featuring such celebrity cameos as Alan Cumming, Willam, and RuPaul.

Now, a sequel is in the works, with ‘Hurricane Bianca: From Russia with Hate’ starting to film in October.

The whole project is well guarded but Del Rio did manage to say: “I end up in Russia which is where I fall in love with Katya.

“A lot of mishaps happen and dealing with political stuff. It’s kind of spy-isa and crazy in Russia.”

When asked why Russia was chosen, she said: “I didn’t write it. My friend Matt [Kugelman] just had this idea like what is the most homophobic place you could go that would make sense.”

Bianca Del Rio 2016

Bianca Del Rio and Matt Kugelman at the premiere of ‘Hurricane Bianca’ (Photo: Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Wolfe Video)

Moving around the world, Bianca Del Rio had some wise words for anti-marriage equality politicians and activists in Australia at the start of the postal survey on same-sex marriage.

She said: “It doesn’t affect your life in any way. If you don’t believe in gay marriage, then don’t get gay married.

“If you’re not considered a full person with the same legal rights then you know what? I’ll stop paying taxes if I’m not a real person.”

Del Rio continued: “Can you imagine what would happen if all the gays just stopped. There’d be no theatres, no movies, no hair stylists. Can you imagine?

“What would your world be like then, straight people?”

She then added: “It’s realising that everybody should be treated equally and I think it’s insane that we’re still discussing this in 2017. Absolutely insane.

“I don’t care what they’re doing, I care what I’m doing. It doesn’t make any sense. It’s fascinating. I never understood that. If it doesn’t affect you why should you care.”

Bianca Del Rio 2014

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Bianca Del Rio also had some advice for those of us who are slightly afraid in a world of transgender military bans and neo-nazi marches.

She said: “You should be scared. When people are scared stuff actually happens. Instead of sitting back and writing about it on Facebook it makes people get out and do something about it.

“It’s just something of an insane proportion has to happen to revitalise the system and make things a lot better. “

Del Rio added: “You know it’s kind of scary when you think about it and you should be scared. You should get out and do something about it.”

Tickets for Blame It on Bianca Del Rio are on sale now.