Hillary Clinton to appear on the Graham Norton Show

British talk show host Graham Norton has had some major stars on his sofa in the past.

Hollywood legends, music superstars including Madonna and Lady Gaga and a continual line of his fellow comedians.

Now he’s set to welcome the most voted for woman in US history to the programme.

Former presidential candidate, Secretary of State, Senator and First Lady Hillary Clinton will appear on the Graham Norton Show on Friday 20 October.

Graham Norton

The Graham Norton Show

Clinton won’t get the entire show to herself, however, unlike when Madonna was given a full special edition.

She will be perched on the famous red sofa alongside Hollywood actor Jeff Goldblum, actor Gerard Butler and British comedian Jack Whitehall.

It’s not the politician’s first British chat show appearance, having previously appeared on The One Show and This Morning, where she met Rylan Clark, for her 2014 book Hard Choices.

The appearance is to promote her book, What Happened, which details her account of losing the 2016 US presidential election to Donald Trump.

Despite receiving three million more votes than Trump, she was denied the presidency due to America’s electoral college system, which allocates points per state.

The Democratic nominee stood on a pro-LGBT platform in the election.

According to the exit polling, 78% of voters who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender backed Hillary Clinton, while 14% voted for Donald Trump.

The data showed LGBT people were far more united behind Clinton than nearly any other demographic, voting for her in greater numbers than they did Barack Obama.

The Graham Norton Show airs at 10:35pm, Friday 20 October on BBC One.