Singer Rae Morris opens up about sexuality and gender fluidity

Two years after exploding onto the UK music scene Rae Morris is finally back with a second album – and has also opened up about her sexuality.

The Blackpool singer, who previously said she doesn’t label her sexuality as she “doesn’t actually know myself, said she hoped some of her tracks would speak to people struggling with their identity.

“The whole of my first album is about that experience [of coming out],” she told Gay Times in an interview.

“But the title track Unguarded is particularly emotional and would be fitting for that situation.

“There’s a lyric that says ‘colour me in any colour you want’ and that could be referring to people putting a stamp on you for your sexuality.

“The idea of being coloured in seems really appropriate to me, I change and adapt and move in different ways.

“I think for people who are exploring gender and sexuality they could relate to that.”

The artist, who has performed at festivals including Glastonbury, Bestival and T in the Park, has also been in a relationship with a woman in the past.

“I enjoyed speaking about my sexuality because my younger fans can know my story,” she explained.


“I think of myself as being quite fluid and I fall in love with who I fall in love with.

“When you have a very deep relationship, it stays with you.

“It’s definitely something I’m still working with and putting it into my music.”

Her new single, Do It, has just been released, already receiving a swathe of positive reviews.

She’s not the only big name to open up about her sexuality this year.

Last month Dynasty star Gordon Thomas came out as gay – aged 72.

World famous model Teddy Quinlivan also spoke out about being trans in response to several transphobic policies by President Donald Trump.