Fadi Fawaz considers Christmas single in tribute to ex George Michael

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Fadi Fawaz has taken to Twitter to share a special Christmas tribute.

The fine art photographer and former boyfriend of legendary singer George Michael is toying with the idea of his own festive music.

George died suddenly on Christmas Day 2016, when his classic festive anthem Last Christmas shot up the charts.

There is now a campaign to get the song back to number one on the first anniversary of his death.

Fadi wrote online: “One Christmas Day being sung… I do like the idea.”

Attached to the comment was a 54 second video of the song, performed by an unidentified man.

The song’s lyrics appear to refer to George’s tragic death: “I go to bed to lay/I feel more ashamed.

“I try to hide my head/Pillow turns to red. I lost my way on one Christmas Day.”

Wham! fans were quick to react to the song, with many calling on Fadi to axe the new music and focus on George.

One wrote: “This month is about George’s music and not about your song. Do your thing privately, it’s in bad taste doing that anyway.”

Others praised the Lebanese photographer’s creativity.

It comes after Fadi shared a deeply personal poem telling of his struggle since the death.

British singer George Michael

The late star’s partner reveals he feels regret about being unable to save Michael.

Fadi writes: “One heart decides to fail, I find myself in hell, Now I feel ashamed, One Christmas Day.”

He goes on to admit he “hates that day”.

The final verse reads: “I go to bed to lay, I feel more ashamed, I try to hide my head, Pillows turn to red, I lost my way, One Christmas Day.”

Fadi claimed he has struggled to afford food and water since the sudden death.

In a long series of Twitter posts earlier this year, Fawaz mysteriously told followers the “truth is yet to be revealed” about Michael’s death.

He revealed: “The truth is yet to be told, not long now. I mean the whole truth, of course.

“Just the way it happened. One day I will be told the truth.”

During the 11 Tweet rant, he continued: “Looked after him in the most loving and respecting way every day of the last six years and on 26 December.

“Everything stopped and six months later the icon partner still struggles to buy milk and water six months later. That’s is the truth (sic).”

Fawaz found his beloved boyfriend of seven years dead on Christmas Day 2016.

The 44-year-old has been embroiled in arguments ever since the singer’s death, but staunchly denies selling stories on his late boyfriend.