Almost three quarters of gay guys say they are turned off by feminine men, survey finds

Most gay men find guys with feminine attributes a turn off, according to a new investigation.

Attitude magazine’s masculinity survey found that 71% of respondents were actively turned off by a partner with typically feminine attributes.

The survey of 5000 men also found that 41% of respondents believe effeminate gay men “give the gay community a bad image”.

The magazine survey is intended to confront attitudes towards masculinity within the gay community.

Editor-in-chief Matt Cain said the survey reveals some “troubling results”.

He wrote in Attitude: “The survey seems to suggest that the insecurity we feel about our masculinity is dividing the gay community and turning us against each other.

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“Forty-one per cent of those who responded reported that being gay had made them feel less like a man at some point in their lives, which is worrying enough in itself.

“But it may also partly explain the fact that the same number of people admitted to thinking effeminate gay men give the LGBT+ community a poor image or bad reputation.

“Comedians such as Graham Norton and Alan Carr have already spoken out about feeling femme-shamed by other gay men – and it appears they have grounds.”

The survey also found that 41% of bisexual, gay and queer men believe they are “less of a man” because of their sexuality.

He added: “It backs up the experience so many of us have had on hook-up apps or the dating scene.

December issue of Attitude, out now

“And it reflects the difficult relationship so many of us have with our masculinity.

“But why should we let expectations about how we should look or act as men make us feel bad about ourselves?”