Alex Jones just said a lesbian had children in order to make them her slaves

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Infamous conspiracy theorist, radio host and bully Alex Jones has lashed out at lesbian women, calling them “bossy” and accusing one of “having kids to have slaves”.

Jones and guest Gavin McInnes spent almost three minutes on The Alex Jones Show berating and insulting lesbians, calling them “butch dykes” and claiming they have an issue with domestic violence.

The rant resulted from an encounter Jones and his family had with a woman running a riding ranch they were attending, whom he assumed was a lesbian.

Alex Jones has ranted about everything from LGBT rights to claims that famous school shootings are fake

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“A couple of weeks ago, my wife had some family in town. They went out to this horse riding place, and it was a lesbian that ran it,” he said.

Jones goes on to claim he had nothing against the woman for being gay.

“And again, we’re not against her if she likes women. Okay, whatever.

“I want to get that up front because they always say, oh you just hate me. No, no, no.”

Immediately after saying this, however, Jones began hurling homophobic abuse toward the woman, equating her sexuality with her alleged bossiness.

“She literally was bossing everyone around and then hitting on my wife’s niece, who’s like 18, openly, and bossing the women around,” he said.

The radio host didn’t stop there, claiming that the woman treated her son like a “slave” and that lesbians were “running the women”.

He added that “she had a son that was like a slave that she yelled at, who ran around hunchback.

“And then she would brag about how she had her son under her control. And she was just having kids to have slaves”.

His guest Gavin McInnes didn’t hold back either, making the claim that lesbians want to be men, so they can control and abuse other women.

He said that “what these butch dykes do is they want to be men, but they end up being a caricature of men.

“Sort of like a 1950s guy, so they’ll have like a pompadour and sideburns with a little thin moustache and a wife beater, and they’ll come home and go, ‘Hey, where’s my lunch, bitch?’

Horrifically, he then made a slapping noise.

“Yeah, I’m a dude. I like to fix cars,” he continued.



Alex Jones, a notorious conspiracist, has made a number of offensive claims about groups of people including LGBT folk, as well as claiming many world events never occurred or were cover-ups.

One of his most famous – and most ridiculous – claims to date is saying that the Sandy Hook shooting which claimed 28 lives of mostly children was a hoax.

He alleged that the victims were “child actors.”

Jones has also said that the US government was involved in both the Oklahoma bombings and 9/11, that NASA filmed fake moon landings, and that Anderson Cooper is a CIA agent.

The alt-right darling has also claimed that transgender women are gay men who “want to pick up guys” by dressing like women.

The commentator also called transgender people mentally ill, but oh-so generously said: “If somebody wants to go be a woman or be a tranny, if it’s a gay guy and wants to go pick up more guys, you want to go get breast implants and doll your hair up, knock yourself out.

“I’m all for freedom.”