10,000 LGBT young people were made homeless this year

Tens of thousands of young people were made homeless in 2017, including over 10,000 LGBT+ people, according to new figures.

Research released on Christmas Day showed that nearly 45,000 people aged between 18-24 had approached local authorities to seek assistance this year.

The figures, obtained from 234 local councils by Freedom of Information requests, were requested by the political party the Liberal Democrats.

Over 100 councils and local authorities did not provide information as to the number of young people who had attempted to access homelessness services in 2017.

Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable at the PinkNews awards (Photo: Chris Jepson)

This has lead to speculation that accurate figures of youth homelessness in the UK could be as high as 70,000.

Although comprehensive statistics are difficult to collect, research from the Albert Kennedy Trust has found that a quarter of homeless youth identify as LGBT+.

This means that the estimated numbers of homeless LGBT+ youth can range between 10,000 and 17,000.

(Photo by Oli Scarff/Getty Images)

Sir Vince Cable, the leader of the Liberal Democrats, called the figures a ‘national scandal.’

In a statement released by The Guardian, he said: “These figures reveal the hidden homelessness crisis affecting young people.

“The situation is being made worse by recent government decisions, stripping young people of housing benefit.”

CEO of the Albert Kennedy Trust Tim Sigsworth recently highlighted the importance of addressing LGBT+ homelessness.

(Photo: Creative Commons)

Speaking at the launch of AKT’s partnership with Student Pride, Sigsworth said: “Albert Kennedy Trust believes that youth homelessness is the most pressing human rights issue facing the UK LGBT+ community.

“No young person should have to choose between a safe home and being who they are.”

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Addressing these findings, a spokesperson for the government said that in a statement that they are committed to reducing homelessness.

The statement reads: “Councils have a duty to help those most in need of temporary accommodation, and we continue to spend £24bn a year helping people across the UK with their housing costs.

“The UK Government is providing over £1bn up to 2020 to reduce all forms of homelessness.”