Issa Rae and HBO are making a comedy about a black bisexual man’s love life

Actress Issa Rae has joined forces with HBO for a new show about the dating life of a black bisexual man.

The upcoming series called ‘Him or Her’ will focus on a main black bisexual character and the “distinctly different worlds and relationships he finds himself in,” according to Rae.

Issa Rae is best known for her work on the HBO show Insecure which she co-created and stars in.

(Photo by Randy Shropshire/Getty Images for HBO)

Rae will be working alongside former The Daily Show writer Travon Free on Him or Her.

The show will reportedly be based on Free’s experiences and will be written by him, with Rae working on the show as executive producer.

In an email to HuffPost, Rae discussed her upcoming collaboration with Free.

Travon Free (L) and Daily Show host Trevor Noah Photo by Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images for Comedy Central)

Rae said: “I was immediately drawn into the concept from his initial pitch and am SO grateful that he’s trusting us with his vision.”

Rae has also had another project picked up by HBO, the network behind such hits as Game of Thrones’ and Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.

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Insecure has featured bisexual storylines in the past.

Speaking to BET, Rae spoke of the importance of including bisexuality within the frame of black masculinity.

“We wanted to start a conversation. This is something I discuss with my friends.

“Ten years ago, I remember telling my friends, “I’m desynthesized to the construct of Black masculinity and I’m desynthesized to bisexuality,” Rae said.

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Him or Her will join a small number of contemporary shows that have explicitly included a bisexual character.

Earlier this month Stephanie Beatriz’s character came out as bisexual in the Fox show Brooklyn 99.

A character on the CW show Jane the Virgin was also recently revealed as bisexual.

However, the CW show Crazy Ex-Girlfriend certainly wins the award for most obvious bisexual representation.

HBO has not set a release date for the upcoming show.