Sarah Michelle Gellar’s queer favourite series Wolf Pack cancelled after just one season

Sarah Michelle Gellar in Wolf Pack.

Supernatural teen drama and queer favourite TV series Wolf Pack, which starred and was produced by Buffy the Vampire Slayer icon Sarah Michelle Gellar, has been cancelled.

The Paramount+ series began in January 2023 and has lasted only one season before being unceremoniously binned by the streaming service.

According to Deadline, though a second season had yet to be renewed, the cast and crew were planning for one, with the production due to begin in February. The cast were reportedly informed of the cancellation earlier this week.

Wolf Pack starred newcomers Armani Jackson and Bella Shepard as Everett Lang and Blake Navarro, two teenagers whose lives are brought together when a forest fire in their Californian hometown awakens a terrifying supernatural beast.

Everett and Blake are joined by fellow students and twins Harlan and Luna Briggs (Tyler Lawrence Gray and Chloe Rose Robertson), and the quartet join forces to unravel the lycanthropic secret that binds them together.

Actress and mother to the LGBTQ+ community Sarah Michelle Gellar plays Kristin Ramsey, an investigator attempting to work out the cause of the forest fire.

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The series found a sizeable fandom online, including a fair number of LGBTQ+ fans who were drawn to Harlan – an out gay character who has a queer romance and several sexual relationships.

After news of the series’ cancellation broke yesterday, scores of fans headed to social media to voice their disappointment – many of whom were upset that they wouldn’t get to see Harlan’s character develop. 

“Bummer because it was FINALLY starting to find itself at the end,” one fan wrote, adding: “Eight episodes is not enough to launch a TV series.”

“This stinks cause I was really beginning to like this show,” another fan wrote.

Others, though, aren’t too upset about the show coming to an end, as they believe Sarah Michelle Gellar could be involved in better projects.

“I’m happy for her because this show was a mess. She can do better,” one fan declared.

“To me, I think SMG is better suited for a full comeback on a way better written series for her talents,” a second shared.

Over the past year, a slate of shows featuring LGBTQ+ characters have ended up being dumped, including cult favourite Our Flag Means Death, Kim Cattrall’s Glamorous, and Disney+ series Willow.

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