Lesbian security guard harassed for two months with homophobic abuse

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A lesbian security guard working at a supermarket in the UK has revealed how she was harassed with homophobia for over two months by a group of teenagers.

Chloe Louise had a first-hand encounter with the gang which have been terrorising citizens of Hull with abuse, physical assault, theft and vandalism.

The 21-year-old told Hull Daily Mail how her life became “hellish” as she was harassed for weeks on end with insults including “fat lesbian” and had mouldy bread thrown at her.

She explained that the abuse became so bad that it stopped her from being able to do her job.

She said: “It was absolute hell,” she said. “I would have to stand outside the door and they would throw things at it for hours until the store closed.

“It was annoying because there were things happening in the store so there were people stealing crates of beer but I couldn’t leave the front of the store.

“They were really threatening and abusive. I am gay and they knew that because I had been having conversations with another girl in the store and they were being homophobic about that.”

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Louise explained that for her, the homophobic abuse was “the worst”.

“They would call me a fat lesbian and just awful things like that,” she said.

The security guard predicted that the youngest person in the gang was around eight years old, and often when the parents of the kids came in they refused the allegations.

“Some of their parents came in the store and they just didn’t care. They tried to say it wasn’t their children but we had the CCTV to prove it.

“The youngest was about eight years old and I just question why they were out that late at night,” she said.

(Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)

Louise said that the behaviour of the youths was “ruining lives” around the estate in Hull, especially her and other staff at the Co-op store.

She added: “Every Friday I would just think, ‘I am working with great people’ but it was the aspect of ‘what are they going to do tonight?’

“They would steal sweets, chocolate, crisps, drinks – anything they could get their hands on. They even once tried to steal alcohol but I put a stop to that.

“Some of them used to climb on the roof of the store and once they had tried Co-op they would try the other local shops.”

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She added that the “hate” of the gang was disturbing as they had also stolen from a charity donation pile of food.

“There has got to be something that has gone wrong. Kids are not born like that with that much hate inside of them and that idea to steal things.

“That is something they have learnt from somewhere. They are ruining lives and I genuinely mean that.

“They used to steal products that were going to be donated to charity and by doing that, they are not just taking from the shop but also from someone that might not know where their next meal is coming from.”