Teacher who compared homosexuality to cancer is suspended for three years

Teacher in school

A teacher who posted on Facebook that homosexuality was “perverted” and compared it to cancer has had her teaching certificates suspended for three years.

Jenye “Viki” Knox had appealed a decision by the Department of Education to revoke her certificates.

But she later accepted the three-year suspension.


Writing on Facebook in 2011, the Union High School teacher said that homosexuality is a “perverted spirit”.

She also called it a “sin” and said it “breeds like cancer”.

On 8 December, the New Jersey Board of Examiners accepted Knox’s proposal.

She had her elementary school, nursery school and handicapped teaching certificates suspended for three years.

Knox had held the certificates since 1990.

A teacher was recently sacked for being gay.

Craig Campbell was removed from his job at South Coast Baptist College in Western Australia after students found a Facebook photo which drew attention to his sexuality. 

School children


And another teacher at a New York school was last year suspended from her job after teaching students about LGBT issues including about the term “bottom”.

Meanwhile, in the UK, a teacher is suing his school – claiming his Christian faith requires him to misgender a transgender student.