Hilarious SNL skit shows Sam Rockwell recognising his son’s adult film star boyfriend

You know the feeling – you bring your boyfriend home to meet your conservative parent, worried about how they’ll respond because they’re secretly gay too.

And they’ve seen your boyfriend.

In adult films.

(YouTube/saturday night live)

Okay, maybe we don’t all know the feeling.

But this weekend, Sam Rockwell did just that on Saturday Night Live.

Rockwell, who won a Golden Globe for his performance in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, played a conservative father nervous to meet his son’s boyfriend.

(YouTube/saturday night live)

But he didn’t know quite how nervous he should be.

The moment his son’s partner Marcus walks in, Rockwell’s character Richard can’t shake a strong feeling of familiarity.

“I feel like I see you all the time,” he tells him, while both of the boyfriends try to quieten him down.

Marcus proceeds to try and open a wine bottle while holding it between his legs, grunting and telling his boyfriend: “It’s so hard sometimes, you know?”

Rockwell shouts: “God, where do I know you from?”

(YouTube/saturday night live)

His wife interrupts, telling Marcus: “The thing about these two boys is that they share everything the same.

“They’ve got the same taste in everything.”

Marcus responds knowingly, telling her: “Yeah, I’m very popular with a certain type of demographic.”

(YouTube/saturday night live)

After Rockwell realises he knows what kind of tattoos Marcus has, he exclaims: “Oh, you’re a gay porn star!”

To shocked silence – and laughter from the audience – he continues: “That’s what it is!

“I feel so stupid, I’ve got one of my top tier porn stars in my house and we’re giving him cookies.

SNL kate mckinnon gal gadot


“I can’t believe I wore this shirt to meet Marco Pumpgood! Like an idiot.”

It’s not the first time SNL has featured an enthusiastic gay fan in one of its sketches, with Gal Gadot reprising her role as Wonder Woman and making out with Kate McKinnon.

Rockwell pleads to Marcus: “I have cuter shirts, just so you know. See I got confused earlier, because you kind of look like Jason Thrust.”

(YouTube/saturday night live)

He casually walks out, telling them: “Well, anywho, I guess I’m getting a divorce – and now I’m probably stepping down as pastor.”

Rockwell leaves them aghast, but not without popping back in to pick up his laptop – of course.

Watch the full video below: