Bowen Yang is ‘straight’ and into ‘heavy naturals’ according to this SNL skit with Sydney Sweeney

Sydney Sweeney (blonde, long hair) poses with Asian, glasses wearing comedian Bowen Yang, who has short dark hair, in an SNL skit

A hilarious March 2 Saturday Night Live skit has “outed” cast member Bowen Yang as straight. Not only that, he’s a toxic dudebro who (spoiler alert), beds and then dumps guest host Sydney Sweeney. 

He also enjoys video games, helicopter rides and punching other man in the balls. No homo!

The sketch opens in the SNL offices where Sweeney is chatting with SNL cast-members Ego Nwodim and Heidi Gardner, and Sweeney shares that she has “like an itsy-bitsy crush on someone.”

That “someone” turns out to be Fire Island actor and very gay person IRL Bowen Yang.

Gardner and Nwodim both encourage the Euphoria star to “go for it.” Sweeney asks, “but isn’t he gay?”

“No,” Nwodim tells her. “Bowen’s straight!” Gardner adds, “Bowen just plays gay on the show because it’s a short cut to laughs.” 

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Things heat up after Yang tosses Sweeney a traditionally toxic, “hey, baby girl, where’s my smile?”

Instead of threatening to headbutt him, as is traditional when a man asks a woman to smile, Sweeney flirts with Yang bashfully – and then ends up butting other parts of her body together with Yang instead.

The sketch is ludicrously good fun, and also plays on concepts of being “in the closet”.

After they sleep together, Yang blows Sweeney off, saying he has to keep his straight identity on the downlow. Sweeney asks, “why can’t you just be straight?” Yang replies angrily that he “doesn’t want (her) life.” It’s a scene that a lot of LGBTQ+ folk who’ve hooked up with closeted or confused people can probably relate to.

Other highlights include a scene where Sweeney and Yang discuss their “types”, with “full hetero” Yang saying his type is blonde women with “heavy naturals”, and Sweeney replying that hers is “gay-presenting Asian podcasters.”

When she asks if they need protection before they have sex, Yang replies, “no, it’s fine, I’m on (anti-HIV medication) PrEP.”

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