Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves reveals where his ribs will be stored

Human Ken Doll Rodrigo Alves has revealed a surprising plan for four ribs he had removed.

The Brazilian born beauty obsessive went under the knife for the terrifying surgery last week – admitting it felt like he had been “run over by a truck”.

Rodrigo was left suffering “excruciating pain” after doctors performed the surgery, which had only even been tried on women before.

Now he says the extracted body parts will be safely stored as he wants to use them again.

The 34-year-old has splashed more than £500,000 on 60 surgeries in his quest to look like Barbie’s other half.

While the rib removal shocked many – with fans able to watch the procedure live on Instagram – he has vowed to continue with surgery.

Before boarding a flight to LAX, he told The Sun Online: “Once they’ve been removed they’ll be sent off to a cartilage bank.”

Dr Michael K. Obeng

Storing his removed body parts will allow Rodrigo to use them in future if he needs extra gristle for a procedure or reconstruction.

Using cartilage from other parts of the body isn’t uncommon in plastic surgery procedures.

Doctors even use donated cartilage and tendons when repairing injuries on top athletes.

Cartilage from his ribs was previously used for one of his nose jobs, though he was left suffering bad scarring following the operation.


The latest session under the knife was all in a bid to help him feel more confident in couture blazers, after concerns his physique had become “shapeless and big”.

He originally wanted to have six ribs removed to drop his wasitline from 34 inches down to just 26 inches.

But doctors refused to perform the surgery in full, saying the risks are too great, and instead agreed to remove four “floating ribs”.

Dr Michael K. Obeng, who performed the operation, live streamed the “experience” on Instagram so fans could watch as the Ken Doll’s body was cut open.

Dr Michael K. Obeng

A source told The Sun: “He is the only man in the world to have this operation.

“He’s able to stand up or lie down but he’s in excruciating pain. He feels like he’s been run over by a truck and is on very strong medication.”

The clinic later posted: “Our first male #RibRemoval @rodrigoalvesuk the verdict is out if Rodrigo is the first gentleman to have his #ribs removed! Watch our #Live #Feed to #Witness #History!!”

Rodrigo Alves

(Photo by rodrigoalvesuk/Instagram)

The £28,000 procedure is intended to give him an “elegant and classic figure”.

Speaking before the procedure he explained to MailOnline: “I was frustrated at first because I really want to be able to fit back into my four breast blazers as before but removing two extra ribs could compromise my lungs, and my doctors must be very careful that my health is not compromised.

“They said a big no to that and said that safety always come first. Aesthetically speaking the results will be the same as if six ribs were removed. The visual impact will be the same.

“My life shall be changed forever as from January 2018 and by summer 2018 I will be looking like a fitness model.”

Rodrigo, who has splashed almost half a million pounds on surgeries to date, says he realises the 60th operation comes with big risks.

He explained: “It will be my surgery number 60 between countless procedures but I’m nervous yes because this is not a plastic surgery where skin or fat will be removed, we are talking about my floating ribs.

“I have been advised by all the doctors that it is a safe procedure but it is unknown to the public because people that have it done don’t talk about it.

“Having ribs removed isn’t plastic surgery. It is a real surgery where the doctors will be changing the shape on my mid body to a very small size.

“I’m very much image conscious and I love my fashion. The rib removal will change my body shape quite dramatically and the results will be seen instantly.

“Afterwards that I won’t be bursting in my slim fit blazers anymore. I shall gain a very elegant and classic figure.”