Meet the new Human Ken Doll

The new Human Ken Doll is here – and he says his looks have nothing to do with plastic surgery.

Polish actor Michał Przybyłowicz has sparked a social media fire in his home country with his stunning likeness to the plastic toy.


Przybyłowicz is a TV medium who works with the likes of Tarot cards, numerology and hypnosis.

He also uses paranormal phenomena, magic and horoscopes to find out the secrets of the universe.


Rodrigo Alves, the most well-known Human Ken Doll, became the first man in the world to have four ribs removed last week.

The Brazilian-born beauty obsessive went under the knife for the terrifying surgery – his 60th overall.


Przybylowicz, on the other hand, says he has just one secret for his looks – and it’s not surgery.

“I do not abuse the treatments of aesthetic medicine,” he said.

“It is more care with cosmetics.”

There was one cosmetic substance in particular which he told Polish magazine he uses: hyaluronic acid.


Apparently, it plumps and smooths the face.

He has a better quality, though – according to him, he can speak to the dead.


Alves, on the other hand, has never made any claim to be able to communicate with the other side.

Przybyłowicz said he talks to ghosts to find missing people.


But, he added, he did not predict deaths, on principle.

When it comes to predicting political and economic events though, he’s your man.

Rodrigo Alves

The most famous Human Ken Doll, Rodrigo Alves (Instagram/rodrigoalvesuk)

The model also told that he can also give quality advice on love, health, career and finances – but there’s a catch.

He told that he doesn’t think anyone can predict events with complete accuracy, including him.