Celebrity Big Brother: Ann Widdecombe calls Courtney Act and Andrew Brady’s love ‘disgusting’

Former Conservative MP Ann Widdecombe has sparked a considerable backlash after she called the ‘love’ between housemates Courtney and Andrew disgusting.

During Monday’s episode housemates Andrew and Shane – the given name of drag star Courtney Act – were seen playfighting once again in the CBB house.

Afterwards, the pair entered the kitchen to see the rest of the housemates.

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Spotting Ann Widdecombe, Shane said to her whilst hugging Andrew: “You might not respect our marriage Ann but you have to recognise our love!”

Ann Widdecombe then replied: “Don’t be disgusting.”

“Disgusting?” Shane said as the conversation returned to sorting out who would take John’s vacant bed after his surprise eviction.

Shane and Ann have clashed on the subject of same-sex marriage previously, as Ann is staunchly opposed to marriage equality.

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Andrew and Shane/Courtney have attracted much of the viewers’ attention with their blossoming bromance which so far has involved Andrew Brady kissing Shane and admitting to a crush on Courtney Act.

Other episodes of the show have included a flirtatious pillow fight and many overtly sexual conversations between the pair.

This weekend, the pair disappeared into a toilet together, fueling this speculation.

During Monday’s episode, Andrew compared his relationship with Shane to that of potential showmance Ashley James and rapper Ginuwine.

He said: “I think our relationship has gone further than [Guniwine] and Ashley’s.”

Housemate Daniel O’Reilly responded: “So long as you know who is a top and who is a bottom.”

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After her initial comments, Ann complained to roommate Amanda Barrie about the possibility of Andrew and Shane moving into their bedroom.

She said: “They’re trying to foist Shane and Andrew on us, even you can’t be that complacent.”

Ann did not give a reason for her staunch objection to sharing a bedroom with the pair, though she did refuse to share a room with housemate Jonny Mitchell due to his late sleeping pattern.

Discussing the incident later, Andrew said he was ‘mortified’ by Ann’s response.

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Daniel O’Reilly, who had been saved from eviction earlier that episode, suggested that Ann’s views were a product of her age.

He said: “Some of our grandparents would be like that.”

It was then suggested that Ann intended the comment as an ill-advised joke, however viewers were quick to condemn Ann’s comment regardless.

Several viewers called Ann herself disgusting for her comment.

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Others stated that Ann’s age should not be an excuse for homophobic views.

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Whether this was an accurate reflection of Ann’s views or not, her comment will not be a surprise to some.

The former MP has a horrific record on LGBT rights, and as Conservative MP for Maidstone and The Weald from 1987 until 2010, she vehemently opposed gay rights – voting to block them at every opportunity.

The devout Christian has previously expressed support for so-called ‘gay cure’ therapy – the false idea that a person can change their sexuality.

She also campaigned against the introduction of same-sex marriage in England and Wales and said she felt ‘alienated’ by marriage equality.

Despite entering the house at 50/1 odds of winning, Ann is now the second favourite to win the reality show.