Black Panther comic author Roxane Gay didn’t receive invite to the film’s premiere

Roxane Gay has spoken out about not being invited to the Black Panther premiere in spite of the fact that she wrote one of the Marvel comic book series’ titles.

Gay, who wrote the Marvel comics World of Wakanda series, explored the other characters in the world where Black Panther is set.

Sharing her sorrow at not being invited to the film’s Los Angeles premiere on Twitter, the writer said that her feelings were hurt when she discovered she would not be receiving an invite to the premiere.

“My feelings are real hurt that I didn’t get an invite to the Black Panther premiere. I mean goddamn Marvel. Goddamn,” she wrote.

After the tweet gained traction on the micro-blogging site, with several fans expressing outrage, Gay was quick to clarify her stance on the invitation, stating that although she was frustrated to not be included, she would be excited to see what the film brings.

This is not the first time that Marvel’s decision-making with Black Panther has met controversy.

The World of Wakana series in which Gay contributed was called after just six editions, with one of Marvel’s vice presidents had attributed poor comic sales to “diversity.”

However, Gay has said she had “an overall great experience working with Marvel” and hoped to write for them again.

Award-winning novelist Roxane Gay has written a spate of influential books and essays, including Bad Feminist.

Black Panther will be released in the UK on February 8.