If you are thinking about having children through surrogacy, you should go to this event

Surrogacy is becoming an increasingly popular way for couples to have children, but the process varies around the world and where to start can be a challenge for some parents.

Well look no further – this event has all the information you need to get started on the process of starting your family with surrogacy.

In reality, surrogacy is as old as the Bible, but despite its rich history, parents-to-be and surrogates are both in need of a lot of support from the beginning of their journey.

Families Through Surrogacy is a consumer-based non-profit organisation that is focused on bringing together surrogates and parents and families.

It helps them network, share their stories and stay informed about best practice in surrogacy arrangements.

If you’re based in the UK or Ireland and are looking to learn more about surrogacy from either side of the equation, the organisation is running two conferences next month.


They’ll be offering advice and insight from parents, surrogates and professionals.

Tickets are priced from just £45 and are available now right here.

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Both conferences include an overview of surrogacy options, a session on deciding on an IVF clinic, a panel of local parents providing advice.

It also includes information around the legalities and contracts required at home and abroad to use a surrogate, and how to guard against things going wrong.

They include sessions on surrogacy options in the US and UK, Canada or even Kenya, and panels of local surrogates and exploration of legal issues.

Each event includes morning, afternoon tea, lunch and evening drinks to help you network with other parents, surrogates and experts.

The full conference details are below.

London Conference – 10 March

Dublin Conference – 11 March

To find out more about Families Through Surrogacy, click here.

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