Matt Walsh claims it’s better for a child to have only one arm than gay parents

Matt Walsh has claimed it’s better for a child to have no arm than to grow up with gay parents.

Right-wing pundit Matt Walsh has claimed it’s better for a child to be missing one arm than to grow up with gay parents. 

The self-proclaimed “theocratic fascist”, who last month took issue with Pope Francis’ support of trans Catholics, made the comment on Monday’s (4 December) Daily Wire episode of The Matt Walsh Show

In his latest homophobic rant, the host began by explaining how gay parents might opt to create a family using a surrogate.

He referred to the process as “human trafficking” and said that anyone agreeing with his definition, was “more perceptive than the average moderate conservative who is always on hand to wish a hearty congratulations to gay couples who engage in this trafficking”. 

Walsh claimed that children born through surrogacy are made “intentionally motherless or fatherless” and “deprived” so that a gay couple “get what they want”. 

He added that gay couples being unable to have their own children is “a sign from nature” that they are not meant to start a family.

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“It’s true that some children grow up with one arm or no arms, but that obviously doesn’t make it any more horrific, or any less horrific or barbaric, to intentionally chop a child’s arm off,” he said, before adding that a child is supposed to have two arms. 

Walsh then compared surrogacy to “mad scientist horror”. 

He went on to say: “Only it’s worse because it’s far better for a child to be raised lacking one of his arms than to be raised lacking one of his parents.”

Despite Walsh’s beliefs, research has shown the wellbeing of children raised by LGBTQ+ parents. 

An international study, published at the start of 2023, found that children raised by LGBTQ+ parents thrive just as well, if not better, as those brought up by their heterosexual counterparts. 

Alongside surrogacy, there are a range of options available to gay couples looking to begin their own family, including adoption and fostering. 

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