This adorable lesbian couple accidentally surprised each other with a double proposal

A lesbian couple who planned to surprise each other with a proposal accidentally planned it for the same day, and it was adorable.

Tori and Berkley are a lesbian couple living in Texas and they have been together for over four years.

(Photo by Toorriiiiiiiiii/Twitter)

Each of them decided that they wanted to propose.

Tori had plotted with Berkley’s mum and vice versa so that they could surprise each other.

Little did they know that they decided to surprise each other on the same day, and it was all caught on video by their friends and family.

The pair were playing a game of Pictionary with friends at home, which was part of Tori’s big plan.

Berkley is drawing on the board while Tori guesses, and she’s already setting her partner up for the surprise as she shouts “marry”, “proposal” and “couple” amongst other guesses.

(Photo by Toorriiiiiiiiii/Twitter)

Halfway through when Berkley is facing the board, Tori gets onto one knee and holds up a ring box and waits for her lover to turn around.

Berkley is totally in shock and freezes, and then a family friend goes “show her!”.

She then grabs a ring box and also gets on one knee

Tori is also shocked and shouts: “What?! This is a joke! This is a set-up!”

(Photo by Toorriiiiiiiiii/Twitter)

They both look totally shocked and Tori starts over again and the pair tear up.

Of course, they both said yes and a round of applause breaks out from their family and friends.

Writing on Twitter about the adorable moment, Tori called her partner a “tricky girl” for pretending to hate Pictionary so she could carry out her own proposal.

She wrote: “I PLANNED A PROPOSAL FOR MONTHS.. little did I know she planned one too!

(Photo by Toorriiiiiiiiii/Twitter)

“I love you so much.

“Can’t wait to marry the sh*t out of you.”

Berkley added: “After 4 LONG months of keeping this secret.. turns out Tori McKynzi Marie Monaco was keeping one too. I cannot wait to marry the woman of my dreams. I love you forever baby.”

For both of the women, it is the first lesbian relationship that they have been in.

Tori explained: “Berkley’s family are our biggest supporters but my family have had a difficult time accepting the situation.

“I’m the first gay person in my family, ever.

“When I said to Berkley’s mum, ‘I may’ve stumbled into a jewellery shop and bought a ring for your daughter’, her response was, ‘this is meant to be.'”

The pair have set the date for September 27 2019 and it will be an outdoor Texas do with “lots of lights” and “lots of family”.

Watch the adorable proposal below: