Bailiffs called to George Michael’s home over Fadi Fawaz’s unpaid fine

Bailiffs are threatening to sell George Michael’s belongings over an alleged unpaid fine.

Fadi Fawaz, the late star’s boyfriend, shared a picture of an enforcement notice on Twitter, revealing that bailiffs had “come to take furniture” but that he didn’t open the door to them.

According to the notice he owes £513 to authorities.

The hairdresser, 44, tweeted: “Darling they have come to take your furniture coz I couldn’t effort the fine. But don’t worry I didn’t open the door for them. (sic)”


The notice – which was later deleted after fans pointed out it included the full address – read: “Despite previous attempts at contact, this debt remains outstanding.

“Unless FULL PAYMENT is made immediately your goods could be removed and sold at public auction.

“If payment or contact is not received our Enforcement Agent will return at the time stipulated below. If payment is not made immediately you will be liable for substantial additional costs.”

The unpaid debt is the latest in a string of rows surrounding the multi-million pound Regent’s Park home, after Fadi found the star dead age 53 on Christmas Day 2016.

The fine art photographer was reportedly considering writing a tell-all tale.

In a bid to bargain with Fadi, Michael’s family offered him use of the £5m central London home to stop publication, according to The Sun. They also are reported to have offered him a £250,000 a year retainer.

Writing on Twitter earlier this year, Fadi labelled questions over the house a “mind f**k.”

BERLIN - FEBRUARY 16: Singer George Michael poses at the "George Michael: A Different Story" Photocall during the 55th annual Berlinale International Film Festival on February 16, 2005 in Berlin, Germany. (Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images)


In what seems to be a quote of a journalist’s question he writes: “Hey Fadi – we’ve heard that the families lawyers want you to leave the house you shared with George. Just wondering if you can offer any guidance? X”

He went on to tweet a series of posts about the message.

Later he wrote: “The saddest and the most destroying moment in my life is when I see doubt in their eyes. It always feels like I have failed in my life and goodness is a waste of time.”

George Michael’s family, who have inherited an estimated fortune of over £100m, initially attempted to kick Fadi out of the multi-million pound home after the star’s death, according to reports.

According to The Sun they now fear the move would harm relations – leading Fadi to pen a tell-all book.

A source told The Sun: “George’s relatives decided a good option is to keep Fadi happy by offering him the house.

“They want him to agree to it and keep quiet about George’s death.”

(Photo by Jack Taylor/Getty Images)

Fadi has reportedly struggled for money since his other half passed away, writing online about his “hell” since the death.

The 44-year-old has been embroiled in arguments ever since the singer’s death, but staunchly denies selling stories on his late boyfriend.

Fawaz wrote on Twitter last year: “Everything stopped and six months later the icon partner still struggles to buy milk and water six months later. That’s is the truth (sic).”