What is a ‘butt luge?’ Ellen DeGeneres discovers horrifying new Spring Break trend

Spring Break, Woo Hoo! The annual American frat boy tradition of going absolutely wild on vacation during the spring has a history of being X-Rated.

Guys chugging beers from girls’ boobs is a common sight, which makes drinking shots out of belly buttons seem like a family activity.

But the latest Spring Break trend is way more outrageous and problematic.

It involves pouring a drink down a girls’ back, down their – ahem – butt crack and into the mouth of a frat boy (or girl…) laying on the sand beneath.

We don’t know whether to laugh or cry – either way, Spring Break has a long allegiance with using what’s known as a ‘luge’ in order to binge drink, which has led to this point.

From plainly entertaining to X-Rated, the luge has been entertaining Spring Breakers for decades.

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A ‘luge’ is a vessel upon which something travels. Sound ominous?

The most common type of luge used for drinking is an ice luge, as it looks the most ornamental and spectacular at parties.

Ice luges feature a carved-out track for pouring alcohol into someone’s mouth, and are typically used for celebrations and lit up brightly to show off intricate ice carvings.

This type of drinking luge isn’t to be confused with a toboggan luge, which is a light sports vessel which carries one or two people and may be the most popular search result if you Google luge.

The ice luge at Spring Break has always been a popular way for students to accelerate their drinking, and often leads to other games which allow higher quantities of alcohol.

Like the beer bong and the Bong Zilla, both of which feature funnels for pouring beer cans into people’s mouths.


So what on earth is a butt luge?

Ellen DeGeneres was dismayed recently when she found out what a butt luge was, and dedicated an entire video segment of her show to explaining its part in the history of US frat boy culture.

So, there you go: a butt luge, or drinking booze that’s trickled down someone’s bum, is the latest Spring Break trend.

Why is the butt luge problematic?

The butt luge is incredibly problematic in its exploitation of the female body, especially when used in a heavily male environment. Of course, the butt luge is potentially exploitative of any person’s body.

The issue is the game is largely played in public. We’d suggest not taking part in butt luge in an environment which is unfamiliar or potentially predatory, and we’d define that by whether or not you know and trust those playing the game too.

If you’re in a safe space alone and with friends and sexual partners, play on – but if you’re in a public environment where women or men could potentially be exploited by the game, bow out.

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It’s filthy  – and not in a good way

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Then there is the problem of hygiene. It shouldn’t be surprising that drinking anything that has been in close contact with a stranger’s butt hole is a potentially very dangerous activity.

STIs can be spread from the anus, and there is also the potential of the alcohol becoming infected with dirt and unhygienic products from the butt area.

The alcohol in question has the potential to pick up and carry unwanted additions, especially if the girl (or boy) in question has been interacting with lots of other men and women that day.

PinkNews have written lots before about hygienic anal play, you can read some of that here.

Generally speaking, pools and beaches are not the most hygienic of places so accelerating that chance of risk is not a clever idea.

Neither is a game where females and males are likely to feel sexually exploited.

Have all the filthy fun you like, but keep things healthy, respectful and away from individuals who could potentially cause harm or exploit.