Fadi Fawaz relives the horror of finding George Michael dead in emotional letter

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Fadi Fawaz has opened up about discovering the body of his long-term boyfriend George Michael.

Fawaz, 44, found the Wham! performer dead on Christmas Day 2016 at his home in Oxfordshire.

Now he has recounted the horror he felt at finding the body, and the struggles since the death in an emotional letter posted to Twitter.

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“Since I saw you last time a lot has happened. Xmas Day I went to wake you up to go for Xmas lunch in Highgate but u were dead (can you flicking believe that),” he wrote in the letter.

“From that very first moment the world rose from death and pointed their fingers at me…I was all alone…they even accused me I [sic] had something to do with your death.”

He added: “They stopped all of the support I got from your team. I even got denied to our home [sic] in Goring where they even packed my clothes and sent them to me in bin bags.”

George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley of pop group Wham! during a live performance. (Getty Images)

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He also claimed members of the Wham! star’s inner circle made life difficult for him – even denying him his rights.

“Basically, all of the puppies turned into savages deadly creatures [sic]. So for the next six months I couldn’t eat and they denied my rights as a partner and a citizen in this world.

“The person you made your number one is now the worst person in the world.”

13th July 1985: British singer songwriter George Michael, lead singer of the pop group Wham!, at the Live Aid Concert in Wembley Stadium, London. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)


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The Lebanon-born artist has repeatedly opened up online about the death.

In a post that he addressed to the singer last year, Fawaz wrote: “Dear George it’s Sunday 4 feb I’m home and missing you.

“A lot happened my dear I became a monster they denied our love our relationship and accused me of so much sh*t and I think somehow you should know what’s been happening since you were gone,” he wrote to his 28,000 Twitter followers.

In another post he wrote: “Can you believe they even accused me of taking your life away and for the next 3 month till the truth came out the person behind the counter would give me the change and not touch my hand.”

He added: “The person you loved and made number 1 in your life became a leech a liar a monster and almost homeless the person who loved you very much and who you were number 1 to.”

At Christmas he spoke of his heartache on the first anniversary of the singer’s death.

“I will always miss you till the day I meet you,” read the opening line,” he wrote on Instagram.

“It is what it is” Fadi wrote in the caption alongside it.”

British singer George Michael performs on stage during a charity gala for the benefit of Sidaction, at the Opera Garnier in Paris, on September 9, 2012. Sidaction is a charity event which aims to collect money for the struggle against AIDS virus. AFP PHOTO MIGUEL MEDINA (Photo credit should read MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/GettyImages)

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Speaking to the Sunday Mirror, Fawaz revealed that he left London for Christmas – haunted by the reminders of time with his celebrity partner.

He was said to be “wounded” with grief and headed off to the countryside.

He said: “I will be spending Christmas in the countryside with some friends. I can’t stand all the Christmas trees or lights around London.

“It makes me so sad, I just want it over and done with.”

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And of the prospect of finding love again, he added sadly: “There will never be anyone ever again, that is the truth.”

He also vowed to never speak of the day he found the star dead.

He went on: “I don’t think I want another wound in my body. I don’t see the point in telling the worst day of my life to the world. George was one of a kind, I have lost a unique man.”