The Ellen Show: Sean Hayes’ opening monologue and dance number were amazing

Sean Hayes kicked off a short stint of guest-hosting The Ellen Show on Wednesday (May 30) in the best way and fans absolutely loved it!

“I’m the brown-haired, more feminine Ellen. Ellen’s not here; she’s gone to a better place,” the Will and Grace star joked during his opening monologue. “Yeah, she’s at home. Her home is like a castle on a mountain so trust me, it’s a much better place.”

But the hilarious gags just kept coming as he continued: “I can’t tell you where she is, for personal reasons, because it’s a boob job and she’s going for the big ones. So next time she’s here, watch out front row.”

Hayes joked that Ellen DeGeneres was absent due to getting cosmetic surgery (The Ellen Show/YouTube)

It appeared as if Hayes was going tell us what actually happened when he said, “Ellen had a little accident,” while sporting a very solemn-looking face.

But, as we should have expected, it was just a set-up to get in yet another one liner: “She tripped and fell and was trapped under the weight of her own wallet.”

“I really don’t know where Ellen is. I assume she’s at Home Depot, that’s where all the lesbians go. I’ll check on my way home,” he finished, before explaining that he knew he had to open the show by dancing because that was the regular host always does.

After downplaying his grooving abilities and pretending that he hadn’t prepared anything, Hayes started performing a choreographed number set to Meghan Trainor’s “No Excuses.”

As the song continued, and he made his way into the audience, several professional dancers joined him until there were a huge number of people involved in the routine. It’s safe to say, it was amazing!

Dancing to Meghan Trainor, the Will and Grace star was joined by professional performers who were disguised as audience members (The Ellen Show/YouTube)

As for guests, Olivia Munn, who will next be seen on the big screen in the eagerly-anticipated spin-off Ocean’s 8, dropped by.

The X-Men: Apocalypse star seemed just as enthusiastic about Hayes guest-hosting as viewers did, as she gushed about how much she loves him and how thrilled she is that mutual friends of theirs seem to think they’d get on well.

“I was so excited to hear that you were here!” she said, before the pair got to talking about how close they are with Ellen DeGeneres and the star-studded 60th birthday bash she threw in early 2018.

Olivia Munn came on the show to promote her upcoming movie Ocean’s 8 (The Ellen Show/YouTube)

“I can tell you my personal experience about the party… I can tell you some insider stuff,” Munn teased. “Melissa McCarthy challenged Jennifer Lopez to a dance-off, and Melissa won. It was amazing. She got down and was gyrating; the girl’s got moves. She can do the splits. It was one of the most fun things to ever watch.”

She also touched on how she and Pink helped Tig Notaro fulfill her dream of singing an Adele song in front of the British singer herself and her friendship with Kim Kardashian.

During the same show, Hayes also spoke to Arrested Development actor Tony Hale – who talked about how his daughter is obsessed with prisons – and six-year-old Shakespeare expert Zoey Cardamone.