Hayley Kiyoko and Kehlani share a beautiful kiss in new music video

The music video for the stunning duet between Hayley Kiyoko and Kehlani has been released — and it’s absolutely beautiful.

2018 – or as Kiyoko calls it, 20GAYTEEN – has brought us a series of wonderful queer moments in music.

However, Hayley Kiyoko has just made 2018 even better with the release of a music video for What I Need, from her debut album Expectations.

In the self-directed music video, Kiyoko and fellow singer Kehlani team up as childhood best friends who run away from home together.

(Hayley Kiyoko / YouTube)

The two artists begin the journey platonically, flirting occasionally as they drive away from Kehlani’s homophobic home

The beautiful duet then follows the almost painfully relatable experience of falling for a close friend.

As the pair grow even closer, sharing lingering looks and almost-kisses, the song includes the lyrics: “I only want a girl who ain’t afraid to love me / Not a metaphor but we really could be.”

(Hayley Kiyoko / YouTube)

However, tragedy strikes as the pair argue and are separated, leaving Kiyoko stranded on the road as Kehlani drives away.

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But the pair are soon reunited and share a passionate and beautiful kiss that might just move you to tears with its intensity.

(Hayley Kiyoko / YouTube)

As the pair kiss, Kiyoko sings: “what I need, what I need, what I need / Is to tell me that it’s yours, no no no / And who you do it for, no no no.”

It’s stunning.

The video is all the more powerful following Kehalani’s recent coming out as queer.

(Hayley Kiyoko / YouTube)

The 22-year-old singer made the announcement after years of public speculation and media reports labelling her as bisexual or a lesbian.

Ever since taking the step up to international stardom with her lesbian anthem Girls Like Girls, Kiyoko has also been eager to celebrate her sexuality whenever possible.

(Hayley Kiyoko / YouTube)

With the release of What I Need, the Disney-star-turned-queer-icon enhances her already established reputation for proudly, shamelessly flirting with cute women.

In the 2017 video Gravel To Tempo, Kiyoko showed off her dancing skills in front of four women, one of whom – Headphones Girl – she ended up breaking the internet by kissing.

In April, queer women were also blessed with the release of Janelle Monae’s debut album Dirty Computer, with fans loudly praising her sexually charged bisexual anthem Make Me Feel.

It’s been a good year.

Watch the video for What I Need below