Munroe Bergdorf accuses Kanye fans of ‘misogynoir’

British model and trans activist Munroe Bergdorf has accused Kanye West fans of “misogynoir,” following the release of his eighth studio album ye.

The 30-year-old hit out at fans on Twitter, claiming that West’s recent comments about slavery, which he said “sounds like a choice,” and president Donald Trump being his “boy,” weren’t judged as harshly as similar statements by prominent women of colour.

She suggested that fans had forgotten about West’s controversial statements following the release of his latest record, unlike female celebrities – like Azealia Banks and Omarosa – whose careers had been significantly impacted by their words.

Bergdorf wrote on Twitter: “So we cancel Azealia Banks, Omorosa, Stacey Dash, Chrisette Michelle [sic] for their entire careers for supporting Trump.

“But Kanye gets put on the naughty step for a relative 5 minutes for stating ON VIDEO that ‘slavery sounds like a choice’ and that Trump is his ‘boy.'”


The term “misogynoir” refers to sexism against black women, where both gender and race play a part.

West previously came under fire for his comments, which also included him endorsing Trump on Twitter in a series of tweets.

Banks, who re-tweeted Bergdorf’s tweet, was heavily criticised for saying she “would love” to play at the then-president elect Donald Trump’s inauguration. 

R&B singer-songwriter Chrisette Michele also faced a social media backlash after she performed at a ball following Trump’s inauguration.

Munroe Bergdorf at the controversial ‘Genderquake’ debate. (Channel 4)

Bergdorf has proved a controversial figure in the trans community in recent months.

Last month she sat on a panel – including Germaine Greer, who has previously made crude comments about trans women – at Channel 4’s ‘Genderquake’ debate. The debate was fiercely criticised by many trans rights campaigners.

In March, she resigned from her post as the LGBT advisor to the Labour Party after a week in the position.

The trans model, who was appointed to the committee by Shadow Secretary of State for Women and Equalities Dawn Butler, announced on Twitter that “with great sadness” she will step down from the role, citing an onslaught of “nasty tabloid fodder” as the reason for her resignation.

The model had faced calls to step down from the position from Conservative MPs, including out gay Tory MP Nigel Evans, after a string of historic tweets were uncovered in which she used the words “poof” and “dyke,” and made fun of a “hairy lesbian” friend’s “barren womb.”