FIFA to investigate Mexico fans for chanting anti-gay slurs at World Cup

FIFA have launched an investigation into Mexican fans who were said to have used homophobic chants when their country’s team won 1-0 against Germany on Sunday.

During the World Cup match, Mexico fans were heard chanting the gay slur “puto” at Germany’s goalkeeper during the match.

Afterwards, they were heard chanting “el que no salta es un chileno maricón,” reported a journalist from Russia Today.

“‘He who doesn’t jump is a Chilean ‘maricón’ (faggot)'” tweeted Danny Armstrong.

“Mexicans with homophobic chant in packed Ohotniy Ryad underpass in Moscow.

“They have been previously warned by FIFA for homophobic language at matches#WorldCup”

Mexico fans have been actively encouraged to stop using the word puto, which translates as a man who has sex with other men in Spanish.

Mexican fans were urged to chant “Putin” rather than “puto” at matches.

A man pushes a stroller past a FIFA World Cup 2018 emblem placed in front of the Nizhny Novgorod’s Kremlin on January 21, 2018. (MLADEN ANTONOV/AFP/Getty)

However, Russia’s ambassador to Mexico was less than impressed with the initiative.

“We are not so dumb to understand that it is a play on words,” Eduard Malayán told OutSports.

“It is not common to shout names or surnames of political personalities in our stadiums.”

Unlike “race, colour, language, religion or origin,” sexual orientation is not mentioned in Article 58 of FIFA’s disciplinary code, which governs discrimination, reported The Telegraph.


Alexander Agapov with his flag

England intend to show their support for the LGBT+ community by showcasing an official Pride flag at the England vs Tunisia match.

The flag will be unfurled by LGBT+ supporter group Three Lions Pride’s Di Cunningham.

“The FA definitely wants it to be seen and wants us to go,” Cunningham told the Daily Beast.

“They have endorsed it.”

A diversity safe house designed to support LGBT+ World Cup fans and fans of colour has been shut down by landlords at the last minute.


A close-up view shows the official match ball for the 2018 World Cup football tournament (MLADEN ANTONOV/AFP/Getty )

The organisers told the BBC they were locked out of the building by landlords.

The owners also terminated their contract with Diversity House without notice or explanation.

The move was a “political attack of the kind that shows how debates about human rights are curtailed by powerful conservative political forces in Russia,” said Fare director Piara Powar on Saturday.