Four men arrested after shocking attack during Pride

Two gay men were thrown into the sea during Pride celebrations in Greece. The ‘homophobic’ attack happened during Thessaloniki Pride, which took place over the weekend of June 21.

Thessaloniki is a city located in northern Greece. Both men were attending Pride at the time of the homophobic incident.

They were attacked by a group of men, who were not part of the Pride crowds. Fellow Pride goers were shocked by the attack.

According to The Times, the pair were draped in a rainbow flag at the time of the incident.

36-year-old Italian national and a 45-year-old Greek man were caught up in the attack.

They were approached by a group of four men who shouted homophobic abuse at them.

Crowds enjoying themselves at Pride in the Greek city (Seleo)


“We will kill you and your types.” shouted the group, according to a witness statement given to the local police.

Following the verbal abuse, the attack turned physical.

The two queer men were pushed off the side of the boardwalk and into the sea.

The two men were draped in a rainbow flag during the homophobic attack (The Greek Observer)

Other Pride participants heard what was going on and rushed to help the victims.

Some people jumped into the sea to save the two men from drowning, whilst others called the emergency services.

Paramedics and Police arrived at the scene minutes later.

Fortunately the two men did not suffer any serious injuries from the attack.

Pride events are still relatively new to the city (

Following the incident, four men were arrested in connection with the homophobic attack.

According to LGBTQ Nation, the group of four men are also been questioned in connection with another hate crime against a Pakistani migrant.

Greece is slowly catching up with the LGBT rights of its European neighbours.

Earlier this year, a law to allow same-sex couples in civil partnerships to adopt was passed.

Adoption is currently not available for gay people who do not find themselves in a civil partnership.

Marriage equality has not yet made it to the shores of the Greek islands.

This year’s Pride march was the city’s seventh, attracting over 5,000 people.

The Police investigation into establishing the events that took place during this incident is ongoing.