Mayor of Paris vows to put up even more Pride decorations after homophobic vandalism

The Mayor of Paris has vowed to put up even more Pride decorations in the city – after homophobic vandals targeted a rainbow crossing for the city’s Pride march.

Paris Pride, known as the Marche des Fiertés LGBT, is set to take place on June 30 this year – and will be subject to high security which has been stepped up in recent years.

Last night (June 25) rainbow decorations in the city were targeted by vandals, who covered them with white paint and scrawled homophobic messages.

The vandals left the sinister anti-gay slogan ‘LGBT get out of France’.

But the Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo has called out the homophobia.

She said: “Last night, rainbow pedestrian walkways [for Pride] were vandalized. This homophobic crime reminds us of how important #MarchedesFiertés is.

“Let’s all take to the streets of Paris on Saturday for equal rights! #LoveWins #Pride.”

The Mayor ordered the rainbow crossings to be immediately repaired and that more will be added following the crime.

She said: “The homophobic graffiti will be erased this morning, after referral to [prosecutors] by the city. The rainbow crosswalks will be repainted! We will even do some extra! ;-)”

True to her word, it appears that a repair crew is already on the scene to erase the homophobic message and restore the rainbow.

A citizen added: “Thanks [Mayor Hidalgo] for the promptness!”

Deputy Mayor Bruno Julliard said: “The homophobic degradation of our city’s rainbow decorations is unacceptable. This new manifestation of hideous hatred will only strengthen our determination to fight against discrimination without fail.”

Out politician Jean-Luc Romero added: “Anti-LGBTQI hatred struck at the heart of Paris. Our answer is Saturday, when hundreds of thousands of people will parade for the Pride Walk!”

Paris MP Laetitia Avia added: “LGBT get out of France? To think that there’s narrow-minded and hateful people who would advocate excluding people who bring such beauty…

“Love – of others, of yourself.

“On Saturday, we will march to the colours of the rainbow to properly celebrate the freedom to love who you want #PrideMarch”