Lesbian refused job because she is ‘a failed man’

A lesbian shared her woe of being refused a job by a company on the grounds that she is “a failed man.”

Valentina, a lesbian in Italy, applied to work at a stand at a summer festival in Rome when she was told she “didn’t look right” for the job, reported Gay Community News.

“Listen, I had a look at your profile,” the stand allegedly wrote to her on Facebook messenger.

“There’s no point in meeting for an interview, he [the manager] will never hire you… We are looking for good looking women. No point in wasting your time.”

When Valentina challenged the discriminatory message, the company responded further: “We are looking for women, not a failed man.

You’re presenting yourself as a woman, but you look like a dude. I am not the one who needs to improve how to approach people…

You are the one who’s in between [genders] and haven’t figured out what you want to be. Start figuring out your identity, then you can apply for workplaces looking for GIRLS.”

“We consider what happened to be very serious,” the spokesperson of the Rome gay centre Fabrizio Marrazzo told online-news.it.

“You can not discriminate the recruitment of employees on the basis of sexual orientation, as per art. 3 a of Legislative Decree n. 216 of 9 July 2003. We therefore request that the Mayona Raggi revoke the license of the stand present at the Lungotevere in Festa 2018 event,” he added.

However, unlike for several LGBT+ people hoping to get a job out there, Valentina’s story has a happy ending.

After seeing her post, the manager of nightclub The Gay Village in Rome invited her to the venue and offered her a job.

“From the discrimination I have suffered, something good has finally come out of it. I have tried to send, through the media, many messages against discrimination and homophobia but now something concrete has happened to me and I am happy,” Valentina told Gay Community News.