Watch old lesbians trying out new queer girl slang

If you’ve ever wondered what older lesbians think of younger queer girl slang, now’s your chance to find out.

Following from their video on ‘Old Gay Men Try New Gay SlangINTO have asked three ‘O.W.L’s’ (old wise lesbians) their views on the newest word trends.

Belita, Sabel and Phyllis’ reaction doesn’t disappoint. When asked what a ‘Hasbian’ is, Belita says: “oooh a former lesbian. It makes sense – she’ll be back though,” While Sabel added: “Once you do women you hardly ever go back.”


Older lesbians try out new slang. (Credit: INTO)

The three elders were also asked about ‘scissoring’ which led to some interesting hand gestures from Belita and Phyllis. And ‘futch’ – “maybe they are fudging being butch,” said Phyllis.

Despite only knowing a couple of the terms throughout, the trio were cracking plenty of jokes. But they were close when it came to the term ‘hundred footer.’

“Is it spotted from a hundred feet,” said Phyllis, the producer explained “I found the hundred footer in the cargo shorts.” Sabel added: “Sometimes we’re wrong and they’re just farmers, they have a husband at home,” while Belita said: “You go to the south and you see them all the time, that’s how they dress.”


( (L)Belita, (R)Sabel and (C)Phyllis) Credit: INTO

The friends then went on to guess the meanings of ‘gold star’, ‘baby dyke’, ‘girl crush’ and ‘LBD’ (lesbian bed death.)

“[Lesbian bed death is when you’re in a relationship and [sex] has died,” said Sabel. The others agreed, “women tend to stay” said Belita.

The whole video can be watched on INTO’s YouTube channel, and below: