Alex Jones calls drag queens ‘satanic’ beings who should be ‘consumed by fire’

Fringe conspiracist Alex Jones has said drag queens are “soul-sucked fallen slaves” who should be burned alive.

The alt-right host made the astonishing remarks during a video about Drag Tots, a kids’ show produced by RuPaul and starring drag queens including Bianca Del Rio, Adore Delano and Latrice Royale.

Jones, whose InfoWars YouTube channel has 2.3 million subscribers, said the show’s characters were “like demons” and accused them of introducing children to “satanic rituals.”

Jones claimed the show was “sexualising children” (Drag Tots)

He then played viewers a clip of the show in which the school’s mascot, Corny the Unicorn – who is voiced by RuPaul – teaches the kids about how important reading is in drag culture.

When it was over, the presenter launched back into his tirade, telling his audience: “Drag Tots: the sexualisation of toddlers.”

He went on to call drag “a celebration of hideousness” before putting on a monstrous voice while pretending to be a drag queen, saying: “Your kids belong to us.”

Jones said drag queens were “putting chemicals in the water” (The Alex Jones Channel/youtube)

Later on in the video, Jones once again ‘imitated’ a queen while saying they were “putting chemicals in the water to help with everything, and it’s going to get a lot easier from here on out to bring down this third dimension.”

It is not clear which dimension Jones thinks drag queens come from.

“We’re going to destroy you,” he continued, adding: “You will ascend to Hell in the reverse order.”

In the most alarming part of his rant, Jones called queens “soul-sucked fallen slaves” before appearing to threaten them with death.

Drag queens aren’t from the third dimension, according to Jones (The Alex Jones Channel/youtube)

“They now know fear,” he said, “because we’re coming like the villagers in the night, with the torches burning bright, with fire.

“Fire is not the weapon of evil, fire is the weapon of good, and it will consume you,” added Jones, before laughing maniacally.

“You need to fear god. Your god has stolen your soul,” he continued.

“Your god took away the key that you gave it, and now you stare into the fathomless depths of eternal Phantom Zone destruction, and you want to take as many children with you down that hole as you can, so you can clutch their souls as you fall towards the black heart of that black hole.

The main characters in Drag Tots (Drag Tots)

“Soon the icy cold of Hell will embrace you forever.

“Soon you will pass through and on, never to return to this dimension, never to ascend, but down, down, down, down, down, down, down into that black hole you’re going, chained.”

Jones, a fringe fantasist who interviewed President Donald Trump shortly after he was elected, also told queens: “You are losers, and you are always to be there to test the righteous.”

In May, Jones said the Pope was a “demon-possessed creature” who was “as close as you’re gonna get to Satan in the flesh” after the head of the Catholic Church told a gay man that “God made you like this and loves you.”

Jones laughs maniacally (The Alex Jones Channel/youtube)

Jones was left scrambling to keep InfoWars’ YouTube channel online in February after being handed two strikes for repeatedly promoting conspiracy theories about the Parkland school shooting in Florida.

Earlier this year, Jones was accused of subjecting his staff to a barrage of homophobic, racist, antisemitic and sexual abuse.

A lawsuit filed by former employee Rob Jacobson said that Jones called him “Beefcake” for four years, “referring to male porn stars.”

Jacobson said that Jones called him “Beefcake” for four years, “referring to male porn stars” (YouTube/The Alex Jones Channel)

The video editor, who worked at InfoWars for 13 years, said the host’s behaviour was “intimidating and harassing”.

Jones also claimed that butch lesbians were predisposed to domestic violence and eating brains in January.

He has also accused trans rights activists – who he said were mentally ill – of creating cyborgs to destroy civilisation.


Alex Jones wearing a literal tinfoil hat (YouTube/InfoWars)

In May, US media watchdog Media Matters compiled some of the most damaging and offensive things that Jones and his fellow InfoWars hosts have said about lesbians in the show’s 19-year history.

This included Jones calling lesbians “creatures” as well as repeatedly stating his belief that all lesbians are misguided and really want a man.

Watch the video here: