Who is Kyle Draper? Laverne Cox celebrates one year anniversary with mystery boyfriend

Actor Laverne Cox has just celebrated her one year anniversary with her mystery boyfriend Kyle Draper.

The Orange Is the New Black star has been dating Draper for a year, but little is known about her other half.

Writing on Instagram on Tuesday, Cox said: “Happy 1 year anniversary babe. I love you so much”

Draper is CEO of record label Mateo Sound, and a founder of real estate firm Serene Team.

He’s also a director of real estate company Keller Williams Downtown Los Angeles’ executive division, and describes himself on Instagram as an “entrepreneur” and “motivator.”

Laverne Cox and her boyfriend Kyle Draper. (lavernecox/Instagram)

Cox posts about Draper every so often on Instagram, including a photo of the couple on a date night in June.

Draper is quieter on social media, but also makes heartfelt posts about his other half.

Earlier this month, he posted a steamy photo of him and Cox in a hot tub, captioned “hot tub luv.”

And, posting on January 1, Draper wrote on Instagram: “Happy Boo Year!!! What a year 2017 has been! I have this amazing woman [Cox] in my life now.”

Draper also has a Twitter account, but rarely uses it. Still, in February, he re-tweeted a video for Cox’s first single “Beat For The Gods,” as she launched her music career.

Draper likes to make loving posts about his girlfriend on Instagram. (thekyledraper/Instagram)

Cox and Draper also made a rare public appearance together in June at the MAC Cosmetics Aaliyah Launch Party in Hollywood.

In February, Cox opened up about how difficult she found it to break into the entertainment industry as a black, trans woman.

The  star recounted how she would barely get auditions before she worked on Netflix’s Orange Is the New Black, which launched her to fame.

Talking at a Q&A at Macy’s Herald Square In New York City, she said that there were fewer opportunities awarded to her because of her gender and race.

“Two years ago … I was in the waiting room with actresses who were like, ‘Oh my God, this is my fourth audition today.

Kyle Draper and Laverne Cox attend MAC Cosmetics Aaliyah Launch Party on June 14, 2018 in Hollywood, California.(Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for MAC Cosmetics )

“And I was like, ‘Oh, I’ve never auditioned that much’.

“There have never been that many parts as a Black, openly transgender woman. Because I am who I am, there probably have been fewer opportunities for me to work,” she said.

The star was talking at a Black History Month event.

She added that the celebration of black history should not just be limited to one month.

“For me, it’s Black History Month every month, to be real. And for me, Black history is American history.

“Yes it’s been challenging for me being a Black trans woman doing my thing, but when I think about that, I’m thinking it’s not as hard as how they had it,” she continued.