Naked Tom Daley portrait drawn by David Hockney

A nude portrait of Tom Daley – drawn by legendary gay artist David Hockney –  is now hanging in the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

The Olympic diver posted a photo of the sketch on Instagram, which he posed naked for last year.

“When you have a Hockney nude in LACMA” he wrote, posting an emoji of a “see-no-evil” monkey covering its eyes. “We went sightseeing as a family, and my mum saw me naked…we made a funny VLOG about it.”

In a video posted by Daley, the sportsman can be seen visiting the charcoal and crayon portrait with his mum, husband Dustin Lance Black, and the couple’s recently born baby son Robbie Ray.

Black can be heard joking to Daley’s mum Debbie: “You’ve seen those before haven’t you?” with her responding: “Quite a few times. Probably more times than you Lance.”

The LGBT+ rights activist and screenwriter adds: “You know what I like? I like this picture of you with Tom’s balls in the background.”

Black later adds: “This is a warning shot to you David Hockney. You back off my man. Or next time maybe have him spread his fingers a bit more.”

Daley, a double World Champion in the 10-metre platform event, says: “Well that was definitely weird. My mum and my son seeing me naked. I know my mum’s seen me naked, but I was very young when that last happened.”


Daley and Black welcomed their son Robbie Ray into the world on June 27, posting about the birth on social media. 

A surrogate carried the child for the married couple, who used IVF to fertilise an egg from a donor.

The couple were congratulated by many of their fans.

However, some Mumsnet users accused Daley of “child abuse” for becoming a father.

In a thread titled “The mother of Tom Daley’s child”, users vented about the couple’s parenthood and speculated about the identity of the surrogate – who was repeatedly confused with an egg donor and erroneously referred to as the “biological mother.”

One shocking message, since deleted by Mumsnet, stated: “The baby was both deprived of its mother and abandoned by its mother. That this happened was planned. I consider that to be child abuse.”

Mumsnet user therealposieparker branded the pair “Vile entitled men if you ask me”, while another user called them “wankers” and “misogynist, selfish non-law-abiding men who got around UK law to rent an American woman’s body (…) who are now audaciously shouting it from the rooftops like it is exemplary behaviour.”