Fans are calling for a bisexual Love Island – and all making the same joke

LGBT fans of Love Island who want to see a queer version of the show have had to put up with a rollercoaster of emotions.

After last year’s successful season, ITV2 bosses moved to quash speculation that there could be LGBT contestants on the show’s next edition, or even a lesbian spin-off.

Straight couples are fine and all, but where’s the LGBT representation? (ITV2)

Nevertheless, rumours abounded earlier this year that gay and bisexual participants would be invited on the programme this summer.

And then this was ruled out by a Love Island spokesperson.

Our faces if a queer Love Island was ever actually announced (ITV2)

In May, an ITV spokesperson gave fresh hope to queer fans when they said that “everyone is welcome to apply – the only stipulations are that people are over 18 and single/looking for love.”

And producer Richard Cowles said at the BAFTA Awards that he would consider a queer version of the show, “for a gay audience with a gay villa.”

So, so much straight representation (ITV2)

After all this back-and-forth, perhaps you can’t blame viewers for all rushing – seemingly independently of each other – to make the same pun in their campaign to get a queer Love Island off the ground.

Cowles’ fears that the crucial coupling-up aspect of the show would be wrecked by having gay or lesbian people on would, as many people have pointed out, be solved if all the participants were bisexual.

One fan of the idea tweeted: “For 2019, @ITV should create @LoveIsland where everyone on the island is bisexual! #nooneisafe.

“You could call it ‘Love Bi-sland.'”

Safe to say, they were not the only one to come up with this name.

“A love island knock off where everyone on it is bisexual and it’s called love bisland,” wrote one person.

Another viewer said: “Pitch for next year: every contestant is bisexual. Love Biland.

“Infinite coupling possibilities. Infinite drama. No heteronormativity. #LoveIsland.”

And another one quoted their friend, writing: ‘I want to make a version of Love Island where everyone’s bisexual and call it Love Biland’ – Amber, who needs a TV deal immediately.”

Amber and many, many other people, it seems.

“I think the next Love Island should be all bisexual people. That would def spice it up! #LoveIsland #LoveBiisland,” wrote one person, demonstrating yet another spelling of the pun.

And another fan said: “concept: love island, except everyone is bisexual and it’s called Love Bisland #amirite.”

Amazingly, there are some people who support the idea but somehow didn’t make the pun on almost everyone’s lips.

They did say that the concept would make the show “more interesting,” “carnage” and “chaos,” though, which is hard to argue with.

Here’s hoping that producers of the show are taking note of the enthusiasm for Love Bisland.