Teenager’s tear-filled coming out video goes viral

A teenager’s emotional coming out video, which he posted on Twitter, has gone viral.

Alejandro Rodriguez uploaded the video of him coming out as gay to his parents on Friday (July 27).

The 18-year old wrote: “July 27, 2018. Today I came out to my parents. I was so scared and it’s not easy to come out. I loved their reactions and their little advice they gave me. I can finally live my life. I love my parents and all the people that have supported me throughout my journey. ”

According to GSN, in the video, which is in Spanish, Rodriguez starts the video by telling his parents he is sorry for crying.

His mum says: “Why are you crying?”

To which, the teenager responds: “Because I have watched videos where the parent doesn’t love the kids anymore because of coming out.”

His parents then reassure Rodriguez, telling him: “No you are the same, and we love you,” adding: “You are a normal kid.”

The parents then go on to say that they will support him, and that they could not care less about his sexuality.

They explain: “We are proud of you, and you’re a good kid.”

Rodriguez goes on to say that he has seen people staring at him for the way he dresses.

His mum explains that she loves his fashion choices, with the parents adding: “You are a normal kid.”

The video has so far been re-tweeted more than 20,000 times and “liked” more than 80,000 times.

Twitter users have praised Rodriguez for his video.

One wrote: “Idk you but I’m happy for you & your parents were really supportive of it to , congrats .”

Another said: “One of the biggest and scariest hurdles any queer individual has to make, so proud of you! Congratulations, and so happy that your family is on your side! We are too!❤️.”

And one person said: “Thank you so much for sharing this huge moment! Those who aren’t as easily accepted need to know that there are tons of people out there that will accept you regardless of your sexuality and this video shows exactly that! This video means a lot and again thank you!”