This lesbian bride’s advice to her younger self is guaranteed to put a smile on your face

This lesbian newlywed’s advice to her younger, closeted self has gone viral—and seeing how sweet it is, we can totally understand why.

Grace Baldridge married long-term girlfriend Elizabeth at the Upper Las Virgenes Ranch, Los Angeles, in early August and the pair have since been honeymooning in Hawaii.

But before the loved-up pair embarked on their holiday, Baldridge took to Twitter to share an impossibly cute post about coming out.

In it, she put two images side-by-side: One of herself and three friends at their high school prom, and another of herself and the same three friends on the day she got hitched. In the second photo, Baldridge is beaming, holding up a rainbow flag.

As if the snapshots aren’t good enough, she then captioned it: “Dear Grace-At-Prom, I know you’re afraid to come out to your friends right now. But don’t worry. They’re gonna be your bridesmaids one day.”

Since she uploaded it, the tweet has received over 4,200 retweets and almost 44,000 likes.

Many have shown their appreciation to the sentiment expressed, with one user writing back: “I can’t tell you how long I sat looking at your two pictures with a big smile on my face. Friends are our riches. And we are theirs. Abundant blessings to you all,” and another, saying: “A very pleasant item in an overload of crappy things in my feed. Something positive, happy, uplifting- thanks! Congrats!”

Talking about its widespread appeal to BuzzFeed News, Baldridge said: “I definitely didn’t expect it to connect with as many people as it did. I loved seeing the responses from other people with similar stories of friendship.

“As is the case for many, coming out was a process for me. However, their acceptance was never a process, it was immediate. Even when I couldn’t express what was going on, they were always patient and supportive.

“If I could give myself advice back then,” Baldridge said. “I’d say, ‘When you outgrow the dark, lonely security of this closet you’ve built, when you feel brave enough — your friends are waiting for you right outside. They’ve been there this whole time. Whenever you’re ready.'”

Grace Baldridge (R) and her new wife, Elizabeth married in early August (Elizabeth Baldridge/ehbaldridge)

This isn’t the first time a touching throwback has proved popular online. Back in October 2017, teenager Caitlin Crowley – who is dating Kirrin Chew – shared an old picture of herself and her freshman year dance date Dylan.

While Crowley and Dylan are still friends, she thought it would be funny to share the image on Twitter, alongside a photograph of herself and Chew kissing in front of a water fountain.

Caitlin Crowley shared a tweet back in October that went viral for similar, feel-good reasons (Caitlin Crowley/@caitlincrowley_)

Crowley captioned the tweet: “Freshman to senior year, does this count as a glo up???”

The tweet went viral and saw thousands of people replying with their own gay glo ups.