YouTuber Anna Akana came out after lesbian threesome

Anna Akana appears in a video on her YouTube channel

YouTuber Anna Akana has said taking part in a lesbian threesome was one of the reasons why she publicly came out as bisexual, in what became a viral Streamys award speech.

The 29-year-old performer, who has 2.4 million subscribers, told her YouTube viewers on Thursday (November 15) that having “never got down and dirty with a lady,” she struggled to accept her sexuality before drunkenly accepting the honour last month.

“Then I was physically with a woman,” she revealed. “Two women. At the same time.

Anna Akana accepts the Acting in a Drama award for 'Youth & Consequences' onstage during The 8th Annual Streamy Awards

Anna Akana went viral after coming out at the Streamys Awards (Kevin Winter/Getty)

“Wait, is this dirt on my shoulder?” she quipped, giving herself a congratulatory brush.

“I never felt like I could fully own my label as a bisexual for a bunch of reasons”

— Anna Akana

“Just kidding. I love and respect those women very much.”

YouTuber Anna Akana struggled to accept her sexuality

Akana, whose performances in YouTube Red series Youth & Consequences earned her the Streamys honour and the chance to go viral, explained that before her lesbian threesome, she “never felt like I could fully own my label as a bisexual for a bunch of reasons.

Actor/executive producer Anna Akana speaks onstage during the YouTube portion of the 2018 Winter Television Critics Association Press Tour

Viral YouTuber Anna Akana struggled to accept her sexuality since she was a child (Frederick M. Brown/Getty)

“One: when I was 11 or 12, I had a crush on a girl and I told my friends, and she was like: ‘Anna, you’re just trying to be interesting.’

“So I have internalised that I’m just a straight girl trying to be interesting,” Akana continued.

“Two: bisexuality is a spectrum, and for the most part—I mean, my pie chart leans more towards being attracted to men, so it felt weird to say I was bisexual if I mostly felt attracted to men.

“And finally,” the viral YouTuber said, “I had never been physical with a woman, so how can you really affirm your bisexuality if you’ve never got down and dirty with a lady?”

Anna Akana speaks onstage during the 'Boss Women Who Kick Ass' panel at the 9th Annual VidCon

Viral YouTuber Anna Akana was told she was just trying to be interesting by fancying women (Joe Scarnici/Getty)

Viral YouTuber Anna Akana accepts herself

Akana said that she moved past these barriers to self-identification after talking to queer women including fellow YouTubers Ashley Perez, Gaby Dunn and Stevie Boebi.

They told her that it “doesn’t matter what your percentages are; it doesn’t matter if you’ve been with a girl—if you like both, you like both,” she revealed in the video, which already has around 300,000 views.

Anna Akana poses backstage during The 8th Annual Streamy Awards

Viral YouTuber Anna Akana had a lesbian threesome—and then was ready to come out (Rich Polk/Getty)

After accepting these words of wisdom, Akana ended up having sex with two women simultaneously, in a lesbian threesome which opened her eyes and finally allowed her to come to terms with her bisexuality.

The American actress, whose YouTube videos have been viewed more than 262 million times, then proceeded to reveal her sexuality to the world—but not before telling her parents, who fully accepted her.