Meet the gay, identical Coyle twins: ‘A lot of creepy people think we’re a couple’

Luc and Cooper are gay, identical twins from New York.

You might know them as the Coyle Twins on YouTube, where one of their most popular videos showed them coming out to their mother.

The pair, who are 20-years-old, are from New York and vlog about why it’s cool to be a feminine boy, as well as fashion and fast food.

They spoke to PinkNews about the best and worst things about being identical, gay and mistaken for a couple by “a lot of creepy people.”

The best things about being a gay twin

“Probably the fact that we’re always remembered,” said Cooper.

“It’s very rare that you see two identical twins walking around, and then in our case it’s two identical gay twins.

“And the fact that we had each other during the whole coming out process.”

Luc and Cooper (YouTube/Coyle Twins)

“Just the fact that we like the same sex alone, growing up we always had the same interests, we always did the same things,” Luc added.

“Growing up, you have a best friend by your side. Just having that rock on your side, going through the same thing as you [with coming out], it’s really helpful.

“We can talk about boys together, we can talk about all the gay struggles that you have to go through.

“Also, you get to trick people.”

Cooper agreed: “We can switch up on people and I can say: ‘Oh, I’m Luc’ but really I’m Cooper.”

The Coyle twins (YouTube/Coyle Twins)


The worst things about being a gay twin

“The most negative thing about being a gay twin is that everyone, well a lot of creepy people, think you’re a couple,” Luc explained.

“It’s like, sweetie no. Just because we look alike does not mean we’re boyfriend twins.

“We have the same last name, we are twins, we are related—take your creepy thoughts out of here.”

“You get the weirdest questions,” Cooper added.

“People are always coming up to us in person and you can only imagine what they ask us.”

Being a gay twin does have its downsides (YouTube/Coyle Twins)

But being regularly compared to each other is also frustrating, said Luc.

“People are always going to compare you constantly, it’s the worst. It’s so annoying—we were born on the same day but we are not one person.”

Cooper added: “One last negative thing about being gay twins is the fact that we’re kind of always fighting over guys, low key.

“We kind of have the same type if you know what I mean.”

Luc agreed: “It can get messy, that’s all I’m going to say.”