Big Brother’s Cameron Cole coming out leaves viewers in tears

Big Brother’s Cameron Cole has been praised by viewers after coming out as gay to his fellow contestants.

The housemate, aged 18, came out during an emotional conversation with his friend Lewis Flanagan.

“I can’t get over how beautiful this moment was,” one person wrote on Twitter.

Another wrote: “Sat catching up with @BBUK and started crying over @ccole_99 coming out it was beautiful.”

“Cameron coming out on big brother has legit made me an EMOTIONAL WRECK,” another added.

In an episode aired last week, Cole can be seen chatting to Flanagan about his fears over coming out, which he hoped to do.

Touching on the subject of sexuality, Flanagan assured Cole that he should only open up to people when he feels ready to do so and that he shouldn’t feel pressured just because someone has taken a romantic interest in him.

He added that Cole could practice saying the words out loud to him if he felt like that would help.

“The last four years I’ve been waiting to be ready but you’re never really ready,” Cole said.

Housemate Cian Carrigan is also openly gay (Channel 5)

He added: “Sometimes you gotta say ‘f**k it’ and just do it.”

Flanagan then asks him outright about being gay, to which he responds: “Yes.”

Cole appeared to get emotional, initially covering his face with his hood but as Flanagan hugged, high-fived him and told him how proud he was, he managed to crack a big smile.

Speaking on Big Brother‘s late-night spin off show Big Brother’s Bit on the Side, Cole’s father told host Rylan Clark-Neal that the family knew about his son’s sexuality, but they had never questioned him about it because they knew he would open up to them about when he was ready.