The Circle contestants finally found out ‘Kate’ is a man, and the reactions were extreme

Alex Hobern has been crowned winner of The Circle, after spending weeks masquerading as a woman called Kate.

The Channel 4 reality show features a group of contestants living in isolation in an apartment complex, who never meet in person. They only interact through an online messaging system, the Circle, and can choose to be themselves or even make up a completely new identity.

Many of the contestants tweaked the versions of themselves they presented on the app, but YouTuber and comedian Alex Hobern assumed the identity of Kate, based on his real-life girlfriend.

The truth all came out in Monday night’s live finale, as Hobern was crowned the winner — but not before he was unmasked to his fellow contestants.

Dan was shocked (The Circle)

Runner-up Dan, who had been best friends with the fictional Kate throughout the series, did not react well to the reveal.

He refused to shake Alex’s hand as the pair met face-to-face for the first time, at the deception.

Dan said: “‘Don’t shake my hand. Mate, I’m pissed off! I can’t even look at your face! I swear to God, I’m livid!

“Do you know what I’m thinking now? I can’t believe I literally sent home and blocked other people over you. Pissed. I’m fuming.”

Dan (The Circle)

Fellow contestant Sian reacted measurably better to the twist, once she overcame the surprise.

In addition to taking the £50,000 grand prize thanks to high ratings from fellow contestants, Alex also topped the viewers’ poll, winning another £25,000.

Another long-awaited reveal came as gay contestant Freddie, who had been playing straight on the app, made a camp entrance.

Addressing his reasons for hiding his sexuality previously, Freddie explained: “I’m always seen for my sexuality before I’m seen as myself.

Freddie was previously accused of being a “cyber bully”

“People label me as the gay best friend, or because I’m gay people want to go shopping with me. I wanted to come into this experience open minded and not worried about people questioning my sexuality. And I’ve done that.”

Freddie was previously accused of bullying fellow contestants.

In a painting challenge last week, Freddie chose to draw Kate with two faces.

Kate challenged Freddie on the unflattering portrait, claiming that her feelings had been hurt.

In response, Freddie said: “I have been real, I have worn my heart on my sleeve, and if I don’t like you, I’m going to paint that on a f***ing canvas.”

Viewers were outraged by Freddie’s behaviour, however, with him being described as “the ultimate bully,” “a nasty piece of work” and “a sh*t house.”

Freddie previously said that if he won £50,000 prize money, he would like to open a clothing line.