Orange Is The New Black: Next season will be the show’s last

It’s official: the next season of Orange Is The New Black will be the show’s last.

Months of speculation and rumours were finally confirmed last night by the show’s official Twitter account, who broke the news with a heartfelt video.

In the video, various cast members talk about what they’re going to miss most about working on the groundbreaking Netflix series.

Orange Is the New Black

Kate Mulgrew, who plays Red in the show, said: “I am going to miss playing and living on the edge of one of the most groundbreaking, original and controversial series of this decade.”

Meanwhile, Uzo Aduba, who plays Susan “Crazy Eyes” Warren said: “I’m so grateful for the fun times, the knowledge, the friendships, the love, the family that we have created together.”

The video was posted with the caption: “Warning: This may make you cry. The Final Season, 2019.”

The show’s ending had been widely considered to be eminent after season six ended with main character Piper getting out of prison and finally tying the knot with long time lover Alex Vause.

Laura Prepon, who plays Vause, suggested in August that season seven would be the show’s last, however this is the first time that the show has officially confirmed the rumours.

Orange Is the New Black

Orange Is The New Black was one of Netflix’s first original dramas, and developed a huge following after it debuted in 2013.

The show has received critical acclaim for its humanising treatment of prisoners, as well as for its depiction of sexuality and gender.

Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter in August after season six had been dropped, Prepon said that seven years for a show was “a long time, especially now.”

Orange Is the New Black

“For a show to run this long is rare with all the different streamers and shows pulling the audience in all different directions (…) so to be on [a] show that has made that kind of tread of seven years is incredible.

“To be on a show that has paralleled so many things going on in the world, to be a part of that and to raise awareness in different ways — you really just have to look at the beauty and positivity of it.

“Will it be sad? Of course. But we have to look at how fortunate it was for us to be a part of, because this show really was lightning in a bottle. It’s the first time anything like it was made. Sometimes you get these shows and they are lightning in a bottle and they’re so fantastic, and you just hang on and go for the ride. You just live it and be it, and it’s an incredible experience.”

Netflix has not yet announced a release date for the show’s final season.