Transgender woman who was kicked out of home smashes fundraising goal

A transgender woman has received an outpouring of financial support after being kicked out of their home and fired from their job.

Dayle LéFusion Scully started a GoFundMe campaign on Monday (October 22) to help pay for a place to live and laser hair removal while they wait for hormone therapy — and has more than doubled their initial goal of £500 in just two days.

Scully, who comes from Southsea in south-east England and has attended Southampton’s Solent University, wrote that they had suffered from depression and sexual assault before being forced out of their home.

Scully said they suffer from depression (Dayle LéFusion Scully/facebook)

They wrote: “I’ve basically been spiralling into a worse and worse depression over the past year and have been trying to deal with it alone.

“I’ve been incredibly lonely, trying to deal with sexual assault, again, and also battling with the fact that I’m trans and how to best go about my transition as the area I was living in wasn’t safe to present as female and also I wasn’t allowed to present as female in any way at home anyway.”

The trans woman, who uses they/them pronouns, explained that their depression had led them to “go out a lot with people and waste all my money getting drunk [just] so I could have some sort of social interactions.”

Scully has received an outpouring of support (Dayle LéFusion Scully/gofundme)

They said that the situation had come to a head on Thursday, writing: “I was kicked out of my home and forced to quit my job, I had to pack a bag of essentials and am currently staying on a friends sofa in Portsmouth as nobody back home could put me up.

“I’m hoping though that this will be a really good thing and from hitting rock bottom I can only go up, I’m away from a bad area and toxic people and am close again to the favourite people in my life,” they added hopefully.

“I honestly [just] want to be comfortable and happy within myself again so I’m reaching out for help on here, I am looking for a job and will hopefully find something quickly.

“I’m away from a bad area and toxic people and am close again to the favourite people in my life” (Dayle LéFusion Scully/facebook)

“I [just] thought I’d post on here and see if anyone could help toward my deposit and anything extra will go towards laser hair removal. Honestly thank you so much for anybody that can help me out, I appreciate it a lot.”

People rushed to donate to Scully’s cause, surpassing their target on Tuesday (October 23) and more than doubling it a day later with the help of a donation from a user called Christopher Turver, who gave £300.

Another generous soul, who gave their name as Donna Silber, contributed £100 and wrote: “Good luck and be proud to live your authentic life! xoxoxo.”

Scully more than doubled her target in two days (Dayle LéFusion Scully/facebook)

One well-wisher commented: “I love you and want you to be as happy as you possibly can.

“I didn’t realise your situation and I feel s**t for not reaching out…that will change, I promise. Sorry it’s not much, but I hope it helps! ♥️.”