Murdered transgender woman was a hero in her community

Transgender woman Amy Griffiths taking a photo of herself

A transgender woman who police suspect was murdered has been hailed as a “hero” to her community.

Amy Griffiths, 51, was found dead on Monday (January 14) at her flat in Worcester, central England. West Mercia Police said that she had suffered throat and head injuries.

Martin Saberi, 53, has been charged with murdering the transgender woman and is due to appear at Worcester Crown Court on Friday (January 18), according to local newspaper Worcester News.

Transgender woman Amy Griffiths remembered fondly

One of Griffiths’ friends in the local town of Droitwich, Connor Turner, told Worcester News that she was a “hero” to the area’s LGBT+ community.

“She didn’t have a selfish bone in her body. She helped me through some difficult times when I was younger,” said Turner, who works at the nearby Bell Inn pub.

“I knew her from when I was 15 years old. I ended up on the streets for a bit. She found me outside a local shopping market and offered to cook me tea.”

“I was absolutely devastated when I heard about her death. I’m heartbroken.”

— Connor Turner

Turner, 21, said that Griffiths helped him as he was coming to terms with his sexuality.

“Our friendship blossomed, she taught me how to love myself and care for myself. At the time I was coming out as bisexual,” he recalled.

“I was absolutely devastated when I heard about her death. I’m heartbroken.”

He added that Griffiths also helped performers with their drag acts and had a love of air rifles, cats and reptiles.

Mike Davis, who lived in the same building as the transgender woman, remembered her as “a lovely person with a good sense of humour.”

A Facebook photo of transgender woman Amy Griffiths, who was found dead on January 14

Amy Griffiths reportedly helped local performers with their drag acts (amy_griffiths/facebook)

The 24 year old first met her in 2015, when Griffiths “lived with her girlfriend at the time,” and said he was shocked to find out on Wednesday (January 16) that she had died.

An unnamed 52-year-old Droitwich resident said they used to see Griffiths at the bus stop, where they “exchanged pleasantries. She seemed friendly, she said good morning. It’s very sad.

“The only time we see police and ambulance up here is if someone’s taken poorly. I never expected this.”

A spokesman for West Mercia Homes, which owns the complex where Griffiths was found dead, said: “We are shocked and saddened by this incident and our thoughts are with the family and friends of Miss Griffiths at this time.

“We continue to assist West Mercia Police with their enquiries and we are providing support for our residents at Chalverton Court.”

Saberi, of Brackley Close, Wallington, Surrey, was held in custody on Thursday (January 17), but failed to appear at his hearing at Kidderminster Magistrates Court.

The hearing took place in his absence.