Gay man’s tweet about homophobic mother goes viral

Masin Elijè, who posted on Twitter about his homophobic mother

One gay man’s tweet about his homophobic mother, including an angry voicemail she left him about a family Thanksgiving event, has gone viral.

American Masin Elijè took to Twitter on November 16 to post a voice message left by his mother, in which she appeared to insult him because he is gay, saying: “You’re not my child because I don’t raise a child like you.”

Elijè wrote: “If you are ever wondering how it is being gay and having a homophobic family, here’s what it sounds like.”

“Ever since I was 12 I was verbally abused by this lady, and she wonders why I’m ALWAYS frustrated when talking to her.

“ALL THIS bcus I’m not giving money towards thanksgiving [sic].”

Masin Elijè goes Twitter viral over homophobic mother’s voicemail

In a later tweet, Elijè, who runs a hair company, explained that he had finished the call with his mother because she hurled abuse at him over his sexuality.

“I hung up on her bcus she said ‘you’re mad with your life bcus you were molested and forced to be gay, you don’t have to be gay’ and this was the voicemail she sent me after I hung up,” he wrote.

“Again, this all started bcus I don’t want to give her husband money towards thanksgiving [sic].”

His post has been “liked” more than 44,000 times and re-tweeted by more than 13,000 users.

“I hated her for a while because it seemed like every time she got mad, I was a ‘faggot’ or ‘gay bitch.'”

—Masin Elijè

Masin Elijè: My homophobic mother used every slur “in the book”

Speaking to PinkNews, Elijè explained that he grew up in an environment where his mother and brother regularly made anti-gay jokes.

“I oftentimes listened to my mom and brother make homophobic jokes or when we seen transgender [people] or gay men they’ll laugh at them and that made me feel like ‘one day that’s probably going to be me and how people treat me.'”

Elijè added that the abuse really started when he came out as gay in the ninth grade.

He said that his mother questioned him when he presented himself in a feminine way and often lashed out at him, adding: “I hated her for a while because it seemed like every time she got mad, I was a ‘faggot’ or ‘gay bitch.'”

Masin Elijè, who went viral on Twitter after posting about his homophobic mother

Masin Elijè said his homophonic mother has used “every slur in the book” against him. (MasinElije/Twitter)

Elijè continued: “My mom has called me every slur in the book, but as I got older, as crazy as it may sound, I was thankful for that treatment because it made me stronger.

“It made me feel like: ‘I have heard these things from people who were suppose to love me and protect me so nothing anyone in the streets say can hurt me.'”

Elijè explained that he is working with his mother to form a positive relationship, where she fully accepts him for who he is.

“I am okay and me and my mom are trying to move forward and make things right,” he said.

“As hard as it was, I do love her because she’s my mom and I hope some day she is completely supportive and not half way supportive. But that takes time!”