Gay Trump fan to gay man: ‘We will gas you and turn you straight’

Bryan Eure poses with President Donald Trump

Bryan Eure, one half of the Donald Trump-supporting gay couple who attracted hatred for their profile in The New York Times, has allegedly posted anti-gay and anti-trans comments.

Eure, who along with his husband Bill White was condemned on a viral scale after Monday’s (November 26) feature about their switch from the Democratic Party to supporting Trump’s Republicans with tens of thousands of dollars in donations, apparently wrote on Instagram: “transgender is gross.”

“We will take your little rights away and deport you.”

— Bryan Eure’s Instagram account

The since-deleted reply was aimed at a user who accused him and his husband of being “gross” for not “using your wealth to help transgender people.”

Instagram comment by gay Trump supporter Bryan Eure saying: "transgender is gross"

Marti Gould Cummings, a drag queen and activist, was told “transgender is gross” by gay Trump fan Bryan Eure (ericmkrop/instagram)

In response to another comment stating that there weren’t many gay Trump supporters in the US, Eure allegedly wrote: “oh yes there are. And we will win and we will take your little rights away and deport you and gas you and turn you straight while you rot in a cage.”

Eric Michael Krop, who was the target of this anti-gay remark, responded by posting the exchange on Instagram, with a caption condemning the comments from Eure’s account.

Gay Trump fan Bryan Eure responding to Eric Michael Krop on Instagram

Married gay man Eric Michael Krop was one target of Bryan Eure’s abuse (ericmkrop/instagram)

“The @nytimes did a profile on ‘gay trump supporters’ and this is how these people interact with others on social media,” he wrote.

“These privileged, entitled, rich white men are exactly who is harmful to society. They flaunt their [Bentley], get photo ops with famous people, and then talk to people like this.

“They DO NOT represent our community. They are not Us. They do not have anyone’s best interest, and they are part of a problem, not a solution.”

Gay Donald Trump fans’ bigotry predates Bryan Eure

This is far from the first example of offensive insults being thrown around by queer supporters of the president.

Donald Trump poses with Byan Eure and his husband Bill White

Byan Eure and his husband Bill White are set to host a huge fundraiser for Donald Trump (euregram/instagram)

Earlier this month, a gay Trump fan told pro-trans campaigners that he would like to erase them as they were thrown out of a rally for Republican congressman Buddy Carter and then-gubernatorial candidate Brian Kemp in Savannah, Georgia.

Trans advocate Rainé Eliza posted a Facebook video which showed the abuser, who was wearing a “GAYS FOR TRUMP” T-shirt, approach her and her friends as they chanted, “You cannot erase trans people,” and comment: “I want to, though.”

And last month, a gay Trump supporter reportedly quit social media after his racist and misogynistic rant at a Hispanic woman in Houston, Texas, was caught on video and went viral.