‘Disgusting’ Trump fanatic jailed after defecating in a gay couple’s garden for ’10 years’

Ohio Donald Trump gay couple poop prison

An avid Donald Trump supporter in Ohio has been handed a prison sentence for repeatedly defecating and urinating in a gay couple’s garden over the last decade.

According to a police report obtained by The Smoking Gun, Matthew Guyette, 59, of Greenville, Ohio, called the police after he spotted a man squatting in the bushes outside the home he shares with his husband in the early hours of the morning.

Police soon caught up with Jerry Detrick, a 70-year-old self-described “Trump man”, who insisted he had not defecated in the yard, but admitted to urinating.

An officer charged Detrick with a littering misdemeanour, but when he was released he decided to confess that he had defecated in the gay couple’s garden “multiple times on unknown dates”.

“Jerry also stated that he does it because the residents… are Democrats and support Joe Biden and he stated that he was a ‘Trump man'”, the report noted.

“This leads me to believe this incident is politically motivated.”

On the day Detrick was apprehended, Guyette shared on Facebook: “An eventful early morning. Finally caught the man who’s been s**tting in our front yard for the past 10 years.”

He added: “I looked over and there he was like a giant garden gnome… When I saw him I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. After 10 years I thought I’d never find him.”

Later, appearing in court, Detrick submitted a plea of no contest and was found guilty on a charge of misdemeanour littering.

He has been sentenced to 20 days in jail, 30 hours of community service, and as well as being order by the court to write a letter of apology and pay $232 in fines and court costs.

The Trump fanatic said his crime had left a ‘stain on his reputation’ in the Ohio town

In the court-ordered apology letter, Jerry Detrick told the couple that he didn’t poop in their garden because they were gay, only because they were Democrats.

He wrote: “Let me say first, I’m extremely sorry for my actions. I realise what I did was inexcusable.

“I realise same-sex couples must be extremely wary of how they will be accepted in communities that they live in. Let me say that I didn’t know you were gay.

“I did know you were a Democrat. I am a Republican. Doesn’t make any difference, my actions were disgusting and cruel.”

He described himself as “70 years old and set in my ways”, but said he hoped Matthew Guyette would forgive him.

Detrick added: “I was raised in a Christian family and should have known better. I know my family is very disappointed in me.

“This will always be a stain on my reputation in a community I was born and raised in.”