Lesbian couple on being happy after 30 years together

Lesbian couple Gaby Charing and Liz Day have been together for over 30 years. Watch the video below about their amazing love story.

The pair met in “deep winter” 1984, and say they are “very, very lucky” to get on so well.

“The truth is that we’ve never, ever, in 33 years had one of those terrible rows which makes you feel: ‘Oh my god, there’s a kind of fault line running through this relationship,’” Gaby, one half of the lesbian couple, told PinkNews.

“It just hasn’t happened, we’ve never had a nasty row.”

When they first met, Gaby thought Liz was straight and so didn’t flirt with her because it would be a “bad idea.”

She eventually discovered Liz was not straight after all and they began dating, counting the start of their relationship as when they introduced each other to their friends.

They then moved in together in a flat on the Isle of Dogs, in London, and soon enough decided to buy a house together.

It was at that point, Gaby explained, that if equal marriage had been legal, they probably would have got married.

The lesbian couple shared their advice for staying happy together for over 30 years.

Older lesbian couple Liz and Gaby on holiday

Two years after they met: Liz and Gaby in 1986 travelling around Portugal and Spain (Liz Day)

“With young people, often, they feel they need to be with one another all the time, particularly teenagers,” Liz said.

Gaby added: “Yeah, I know about all that clinging to someone, clinging, and it’s fatal.

“We just get on really well. We’re very, very lucky—I’m lucky anyway.”

— Gaby

“You have to have space and trust one another with that space.

“The other thing of course is health. You know, in sickness and in health.

“We both now, particularly me, have major health problems and that’s a real, real challenge.

“It has been very difficult the past five years and I’ve trusted Liz to stick by me at times when I have been very, very ill.”

Gaby and Liz also featured in an episode of PinkNews series First Times on lesbian couples—watch the video below.

“We just get on really well. We’re very, very lucky—I’m lucky anyway,” Gaby said.

“Yeah, I think I am too,” Liz added.